The cat is out of the bag, but that is only the beginning. More people are getting aware of our star instructor’s visits to our heroine’s house, so getting caught in a scandal seems so close than ever, but whether it is a dating scandal or a giving private tutoring one is yet to be known. 

Further, the opposite attracts rule is making its way into our leads’ hearts. Both are getting attracted to each other more by the day without realizing it.

Crash Course in Romance episode 6: Getting caught in the act

Picking up where we left off, Chi-yeol rushes out with messy hair, putting on his shoes on his way out, and Haeng-soon follows with his “belt.” 

Unluckily, they are double-caught by Young-Joo and Dong-hee, whose imaginations seem to run wild. 

Our leads try to explain. It isn’t what they think it is. Chi-yeol is just tutoring Hae-Yi in secret.

Following that sequence is Young-Joo being sulky and Haeng-soon desperately trying to make up with her using a bit of flattery, a shower of kisses, and a small bribe of making her favorite potato pancakes. 

While Dong-hee is dead worried about Chi-yeol getting caught in a scandal, doing a high five with a student is enough for the mothers to blow up. One could only guess what will happen if they get wind of private tutoring.

However, another scandal is already there. The notorious Chiyeolsucks, whose only life goal is to bring Chi-yeol down, uploads a post that Young-min committed suicide after getting into a fight with Chi-yeol, which is a barefaced lie.

To add fuel to the fire, Chiyeolsucks hints at a connection between that case and the suicide case from a few years ago, where the girl in Chi-yeol’s nightmares committed suicide. 

After that, her brother got accused of pushing his mother off the rooftop. I am not a bit surprised Chiyeolsucks turns out to be one of the academy instructors, Jin Yi-sang, who is jealous of Chi-yeol’s popularity and wants to steal his place.

No wonder after the post gets taken down, Yi-sang keeps pitting the other instructors against Chi-yeol and talking nonsense about Chi-yeol ruining a family. As luck would have it, Chi-yeol overhears the conversation, which gets him reminded of what happened in the past. Thus, getting hurt yet again.

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Crash Course in Romance episode 6: The truth about the dead student’s case

We learn the truth about the dead student’s case from before. Back then, the academy director took advantage of Chi-yeol and his friend (Hae-yi’s homeroom teacher) to act as a “bridge” and help the girl’s mum put her hand on the exam questions. 

Finding out the whole thing, the girl got riddled with guilt and wanted to come clean about it, but her mum stopped her.

Chi-yeol confronts the director about his scheme, but nothing changes. 

Instead, Chi-yeol gets fired and kicked out of the dorm, but only after the director threatens him that the ones who will get harmed if he blows the whistle are the girl and her mum. 

The girl will get zero, the mum will go to jail, and it will be the end for their family.

Worried about the girl’s future, Chi-yeol gives in and goes far away to the countryside, but soon after, the girl commits suicide, now that her life is hell on earth. 

Before then, she used to find some hope in Chi-yeol’s lessons. With that tiny hope taken away, the girl couldn’t bear the stress for longer.

Instead of admitting to her wrongdoings and repenting, the mum becomes obsessed with the brother’s studies. 

She even tells him to leave the funeral to study since he has an exam next week. I can’t believe her. Soon after, she jumps off the rooftop, but the police find the brother there, so he gets accused of pushing off his mum.

After figuring out the truth, I am getting more annoyed. How on earth did he ruin the girl’s family? Are people parrots with no minds to think? Why is the homeroom teacher blaming Chi-yeol for the girl’s death? 

He did nothing wrong but was used by the director and the mum. 

Why don’t people take a minute to think before blaming the innocent while the real guilty one gets away with what they did? 

No one blames the mum for doing something illegal, but they blame someone who cared for the girl more than her mother did. That whole arc infuriates me, and I want it to be over as soon as possible.

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Crash Course in Romance episode 6: A silver lining in the cloud

Being reminded of the past takes its toll on Chi-yeol, who can’t eat or sleep and cancels his entire schedule out of the blue. 

Worried about him, Haeng-soon drops by with some easy-on-the-stomach food. Instead of just leaving it on the doorknob, she rings the bell, giving her some glimpses into how Chi-yeol lives. 

Chi-yeol’s place might be spacious, but everything is lifeless; tons of pills, an empty fridge, a bottle of milk that went bad some time ago, and yet a passing out Chi-yeol on Haeng-soon’s shoulders. Spotting the sleeping bag, Haeng-soon realizes that Chi-yeol has it hard. 

After all, earning a trillion won a year is meaningless when one can’t eat or sleep properly.

During the school break, Haeng-soon’s family goes camping, and guess who is also there? Yes, it is Chi-yeol. 

He got bored with the TV programs, so he went camping for a change. But he sits there silently, staring at the lake while fishing, and it doesn’t seem like he is enjoying his time.

Chi-yeol, being his usual self, tells them to ignore him, but Haeng-soon can’t just go along. 

Instead, she invites him for some noodles, which he refuses, and later for some coffee, which he accepts this time. 

Over coffee, they bond about memories of Haeng-soon’s mother and Chi-yeol’s savior, who used to make sure he ate well. Little do they know both mother and savior are the same people.

It is also funny how Haeng-soon gets jealous of Chi-yeol’s savior and plans to up her game and beat her rival. She also teaches Chi-yeol, an exercise they used to do at the training camp whenever they had trouble sleeping. 

But funnily enough, the training ends with Chi-yeol accidentally pushing Haeng-soon down.

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Crash Course in Romance episode 6: Our leads are one step closer to being caught

On the way back, Chi-yeol gives Haeng-soon’s family a ride. Despite Haeng-soon’s claims, it is impolite to sleep in the passenger seat (You know, she is an active person who is used to going to the market in the morning); it isn’t long before she sleeps like a log. 

Chi-yeol doesn’t seem mad over what happens. Instead, he returns from the camping trip much cheerier than before, even trying to remember Haeng-soon’s favorite song, which keeps playing like an earworm in his head. Haeng-soon is also in a good mood singing that same song.

Being oblivious to how they slowly fall for each other makes the ride more enjoyable.

Just as our leads are getting closer to each other, the risk of getting caught is also approaching them in various ways. #1 Su-ah spots the tutoring materials while going through Hae-yi’s things. 

Seon-jae covers for Hae-Yi, claiming he lent it to Hae-Yi, but Su-ah tells her mum, who will surely tell Seon-jae’s mum. #2 Haeng-soon gets spotted on her way out of Chi-yeol’s place by the tiger mother, who won’t let it go that easily, especially after spotting Chi-yeol on his way to Haeng-soon’s house. 

A scandal is approaching our leads’ way, and I want it to be about them dating. Also, how am I supposed to wait until next week? I want to watch the next episode now.

As for the murder subplot, we are getting a few snippets of Seon-jae’s older brother, Hee-jae, wearing a hoodie and snooping around some places related to the murderer. 

It is only a red herring, or that is what I wish. We learn that after their mother forces Hee-Jae to retake the SAT, he disappears on exam day, only to be found in his room later.

Because of the immense pressure, Hee-Jae shuts himself in, and he now stays in his room most of the time.

Like her fellow tiger mothers, instead of owning up to her mistake, Seon-jae’s mother became more obsessed with his studies. 

Thus, suffocating Seon-jae’s and her husband’s life. Despite all of that, Seon-Jae tries his best to enjoy his life and emotionally support his brother (giving him money and introducing him to Hae-Yi when they run into each other), but, for sure, it isn’t a snap.

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