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Crash Course in Romance episode 3 being with our heroine finally realizing that the mobile thief, the handsome customer, and her daughter’s instructor are the same person. She doesn’t need to worry, though, since that said instructor is just as anxious.

It isn’t every day that one gets into all these adventures with a student’s parent. Also, with scary people writing hateful comments against him, our instructor can’t afford to add anyone else to that list.

Picking up where we left off, out of nowhere, metal pellets are shot, smashing the glass and getting everyone on the floor from the shock.

After that, Chi-yeol and Haeng-soon head to the police station to make a report, but it turns into another bickering session when Haeng-soon mentions the mobile phone incident.

Also, we get a typical drama land scene of the police officer not recognizing Chi-yeol, while the latter claims to be a celebrity with many rivals, one of whom could be the culprit.

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Crash Course in Romance episode 3: Getting to know each other’s true identity

Scared stiff, Chi-yeol spends the night tossing and turning while thinking about the glass-smashing incident. Concluding that the culprit must have been in a moving car, Chi-yeol plans to go back and check the CCTVs there, but unfortunately, there are none.

Instead, he runs into the now “passionate” mother, Haeng-soon, rushing to the academy to book a seat for Hae-yi. Chi-yeol follows her in his car, and in a typical drama land scene, he splashes water on her.

Though inadvertently, Hae-soon gets her payback when Chi-yeol drops by just as she empties the water bucket and splashes him with water.

Following that is a hilarious moment with Jae-woo reluctant to lend “his most expensive garment” to Chi-yeol, who is set against not changing his clothes, and Haeng-soon trying to convince him to put on Jae-woo’s T-shirt while she tries to dry up his clothes.

Hae-yi arrives at that very moment, and finally, our soon-to-be couple realizes the parent-instructor relationship they are entangled in.

For sure, both are too shocked to utter a word. The situation can’t get more awkward, with Haeng-soon getting worried her daughter’s instructor, formerly the mobile thief, will pick on Hae-yi, and Chi-yeol worried she might badmouth him on the mother’s blog.

What if she sues him or, even worse, if she starts a fistfight with him? After all, she is an ex-national team athlete, so it won’t be easy to win against her?

Funnily enough. Haeng-soon prepares a lunch box full of savory food for Chi-yeol, and they both engage in who can bow deeper competition while apologizing for their previous deeds.

Unluckily, the academy director schedules a dinner meeting with Chi-yeol that day, and he won’t even get to touch the food there. Hence, the assistants enjoy the delicious food by themselves.

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Crash Course in Romance episode 3: Preparing for the Med School Program

Over dinner, the director suggests they move up the schedule for the Med School Program.

To my surprise, all the tutors oppose, except for Chi-yeol, who takes advantage of the situation to get the specific model of enamel blackboards he kept asking for long ago.

Purchasing those blackboards might be a hassle for the director, still moving up the schedule isn’t a piece of cake either.
On his way out, Chi-yeol runs into some old friends who act nice to his face and badmouth him behind his back when he takes a call.

They don’t see him as a friend but as a wallet to pick the tab and leave but not before ordering them more beef. Infuriating.

Although he seems cold on the outside, Chi-yeol gets hurt by their words, and it gets even worse when he overhears how happy his assistants are that he didn’t join them for dinner.

I am not fond of Chi-yeol’s harsh comments, but badmouthing someone behind their back is also cruel.

For them, Chi-yeol comes across as someone full of himself, but there is more to it than meets the eye. After all, he might be afraid of getting closer to people and not that he doesn’t want to.

The next day, Chi-yeol sends Haeng-soon some gifts to thank her for the food. He also sends her the mobile phone, and with it comes a sincere apology note this time.

That night, Haeng-soon keeps waiting for Chi-yeol to show up at the store, but when it gets late, Haeng-soon tries to call him. However, Dong-hee picks up, telling her that Chi-yeol is pulling an all-nighter preparing for the level test exam.

Hearing they might only get bread for dinner, Haeng-soon prepares some food and goes to drop it off. B

But instead of a touched Chi-yeol, Haeng-soon encounters a rude one who yells at Dong-hee for allowing a “parent” inside their office. Will he take responsibility if the exam questions get leaked?

Despite Haeng-soon’s desperate attempts for Chi-yeol to accept the food, he doesn’t budge.

Instead, he gets ruder. Understandably mad over Chi-yeol’s rudeness, Haeng-soon spends the night badmouthing him while trying to finish the food so it doesn’t go bad.

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Crash Course in Romance episode 3: Our soon-to-be-couple getting closer in the most hilarious way

It is the level exam day, but the cars are bumper to bumper. Hence, Chi-yeol resolves to run it out to the academy.

Luckily, he runs into Haeng-soon, who, despite his rudeness the day before, offers to give him a ride on her bike, so he makes it on time.

The exam is over, and an answer sheet of a particular student, none other than Hae-yi, stands out for Chi-yeol.

Although one question was too hard to solve for almost all the students, her solving skills caught his attention.

The results are out, and Hae-yi is accepted to the seven-student Med School Program. Along with Hae-you are her best friend, Lee Seon-jae, and the bratty Bang Soo-ah, who is clearly jealous of Hae-yi’s success.

I am so glad Hae-yi took Haeng-soon’s advice and got enrolled. It was noticeable she wanted to take the test, but she needed to avoid adding another financial burden on Haeng-soon.

Hearing that good news, Haeng-soon is now thrilled to bits, just like when they barely made it to the semi-finals but then went on to the finals.

That night she drinks like a fish, but with that comes a cute drunken Haeng-soon who keeps showering everyone with “kisses,” It doesn’t help the situation at all that she runs into Chi-yeol in that state.

We end the episode with Haeng-soon lifting Chi-yeol up, and they both fall to the ground, and we are left to imagine what happens next.

I like they went by the slow burn/hate-to-love relationship. Both Haeng-soon and Chi-yeol have more in common than they are aware of.

They are both in need of some affection to brighten their life up. Haeng-soon may have a small family loving her, but she also needs someone to lean on, just like our lonely top instructor.

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