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Recap on Crash Course in Romance episode 4

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Crash Course in Romance episode 4 starts with our heroine can put up with any hardships coming her way, but not when her daughter is concerned, no thanks to the helicopter mums. But that also means she can’t keep in touch with those affiliated with a particular academy. 

However, our hero is not willing to do without our heroine’s savory food. Hence, he suggests an irresistible deal, one we were looking forward to with bated breath.

Crash Course in Romance episode 4: A stumbling block coming our heroine’s way

Unfortunately, we don’t get a rerun of the previous episode’s ending scene. Instead, we open the episode with Chi-yeol cracking up and Haeng-soon out for the count. 

But when she remembers what she did to Chi-yeol last light, Haeng-soon is too embarrassed to show herself up before him. And Chi-yeol is too sharp-witted to believe the whole I-can’t-remember-anything thing.

Anyway, Haeng-soon is too busy to brood over her drunken scene. Since Hae-yi made it to the top seven class, she gets to join the helicopter mothers’ meeting for the first time. 

However, things go sideways when an accident from several years ago is mentioned where a girl committed suicide, suffocated by studying. While her brother gets accused of literally pushing his mother to death. 

The brother was acquitted, but rumors keep circulating. I think she is the same girl in Chi-yeol’s nightmares, but we have yet to know what actually happened. 

Perhaps, Seon-jae’s brother, Hui-jae, had something to do with the accident. Was he dating that student? Did he kill her mistakenly? Why is he locked in his room? 

Taking classes with the nation’s top instructor pays off, and Hae-yi gets level one on the test. Hae-yi is thrilled to bits that she is now considering getting the highest score on the SAT for her next goal, but, unluckily, her happiness is short-lived. 

A fellow helicopter mum, “Young-min’s mother,” is concerned that her son didn’t make the cut for the top seven class.

Her son works hard, attending all the classes, but he has lost his concentration as he is bothered by another student. What a convincing reason! Can’t they look the other way and let him join the class?

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Crash Course in Romance episode 4: A plan to kick Hae-yi out

It might be hard to add another student to the class, but kicking one out and giving Min-young that place is a piece of cake. And for Sun-ah’s mother and Seon-jae’s mother, it is a golden opportunity to get rid of Hae-yi. 

The former wants to soothe her daughter, who is protesting since Hae-yi caused her to fall behind. While the latter doesn’t want her son hanging out with Hae-yi since, according to her, having fun might interrupt his studies.

The academy director is, above all, a businessman. Thus, when the helicopter mothers are set on kicking Hae-yi out for the so-called only attending the academy for a month excuse, he goes along, claiming attending all the academy courses is a prerequisite for joining the top seven class. Don’t even think about asking why they didn’t bother to mention that “crucial” requirement in the announcement.

It just so happens that Haeng-soon makes some delectable food that day. It is okay even if she can’t sell it to customers; since she can invite Chi-yeol over for a special meal. You know one shouldn’t waste food. 

And poor Chi-yeol starves himself all day, refusing to get even coffee to enjoy the food to the fullest. As luck would have it, just as Chi-yeol arrives at the store, Haeng-soon storms out after receiving a text saying Hae-yi can no longer join the top seven class.

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Crash Course in Romance episode 4: Standing up to the academy’s unfair decision

Haeng-soon heads to the academy, demanding an explanation. But you know academies are private institutions where directors are always busy meeting someone else, so they will call you sometime soon. 

However, nothing will get in our heroine’s way to stand up to them. She stops by the store to bring her megaphone and then returns to the academy, asking to meet the director in front of everyone.

Although Haeng-soon runs into the director while protesting, nothing really changes except that matters get even worse for her since the director breaks his arm, bumping into a wheel cart, and he is now set on suing her for obstruction of business and kicking Hae-yi out of the academy, not just the top seven class. 

Luckily, Chi-yeol overhears the plan, and he drags Haeng-soon away before worse comes to worst. However, Haeng-soon is too mad to listen to him, so she walks away angrily.

In what seems like clutching to straws, Haeng-soon announces that she won’t sell food to those affiliated with the academy, Chi-yeol included. 

Little does she know that our hero even threatened to drop out of the top seven class if the director didn’t correct his unfair decision. Indeed, Hae-yi didn’t attend all the classes, but that can be easily solved through online classes or extra material. 

However, kicking her out unreasonably isn’t something Chi-yeol will put up with.

Under the pressure of his students begging him to continue with the top seven class, Chi-yeol gives in but isn’t the same enthusiastic instructor from before. 

Instead, he has no energy to do his signature kick pose, taking it out on his assistants whenever they make a mistake. Worse, he keeps seeing things, namely Haeng-soon’s store logo. 

Despite his cold exterior, Chi-yeol is one who cares about his students the most, so it is not strange that he feels awful about what happened to Hae-yi.

Seeing Young-min’s bad manners and his disrespect for his teachers makes Chi-yeol more adamant about helping Hae-yi, who would be excited about studying if she had been attending his class. He heads to the store and suggests an irresistible offer to Haeng-soon. 

He will give Hae-yi private tutoring, but he has a condition in return. Although we didn’t hear the whole thing, we all know what it is. Having her savory dishes every day, or is it keeping mum about their situation?

We end the episode on a high note, and I can’t wait to see the private tutoring thing. Not only will Hae-yi jump for joy at the chance to have a one-to-one lesson with the top instructor, but also, our leads are brought together in the most natural way.

On the mystery side story note, it looks like a hoodie student is going around punishing those who treat Chi-yeol poorly. Seeing how Young-min got hit by metal pellets and then cruelly pushed off a balcony makes the assumption of the hoodie student going after Chi-yeol less plausible. 

If you think about it, nothing happens to Chi-yeol when he is alone. In the three incidents, however, the ones who got hit either were rude to him, like the stalker girl and Young-min, or at least mad at him, like Haeng-soon.

I hope the entire mystery arc gets solved quickly and retires to the background so we can enjoy the private tutoring sweetness.

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