Solo Leveling Chapter 190

Solo Leveling Chapter 190: Release Date, Raw Scans, and More

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Are you a fan of the popular Korean webtoon Solo Leveling? If yes, then we have some exciting news for you.

As per the latest news, the upcoming Solo Leveling Chapter 190 will bring new changes to the popular Webtoon.

This article will cover everything from the release date, spoilers, raw scans, and where to read the new chapter.

Solo Leveling has taken the world by storm with its captivating storyline, relatable characters, and stunning artwork.

Solo Leveling Chapter 190 release date

Solo Leveling Chapter 190

If you are eagerly awaiting the release of Solo Leveling Chapter 190, mark your calendars for March 22, 2023, at 12:00 am KST.

The manga is published on Kakaopage’s website, and a new chapter is released every Wednesday.

For international audiences, here are the release times:

  • Pacific Time: 9 am
  • Central Time: 11 am
  • Eastern Time: 12 noon
  • British Time: 5 pm

However, the English translations will take some time before they are available.

The translation process involves complex steps such as redrawing, typesetting, proofreading, and translating the text.

So you might need to wait at least 1-2 days until the chapter is available to read in your preferred language.

Solo Leveling Chapter 190, where to read

As for spoilers and raw scans, we don’t have any information yet for spoilers and raw scans, but we expect them to be available on online forums such as 4chan and Reddit by Tuesday, 3-4 days before the official release date.

If you’re looking for where to read Solo Leveling, there are three ways.

You can read the series on Tapytoon, the official publisher in English, but the new chapters will be published one week after the original release.

Solo Leveling Chapter 190, what you need to know!

For those unfamiliar with the series, Solo Leveling follows Jinwoo Sung, a weak and ineffective E-rank hunter who struggles to make a living by hunting in the lowest-level dungeons.

As fate would have it, Jinwoo’s life turned unexpectedly after barely escaping a disastrous raid that almost decimated his entire team.

Little did he know, he was about to embark on a journey that would change his life forever.

Through a series of mysterious events, Jinwoo is chosen by a program known as the System.

This extraordinary gift gives him the power to level his strength beyond human comprehension, making him virtually invincible.

Fuelled by the desire for revenge against the ruthless monsters that murdered his companions, Jinwoo sets out on a quest to become the strongest hunter in the world.

With his newfound abilities, he faces unprecedented challenges and battles powerful foes, all in the name of achieving his ultimate goal.

Solo Leveling Chapter 190, why you need to read the Webtoon

Jinwoo’s journey is a testament to the human spirit, demonstrating that hope and strength can be found in unexpected places, even in the darkest of times.

Follow along as he discovers the true extent of his power and the lengths he’ll go to protect those he loves.

As he faces off against powerful monsters and uncovers the dark secrets and politics of the hunter world, he also begins to uncover the trustworthy source of his powers and the true nature of the “GATE.”

The popularity of Solo Leveling is no secret, and it’s easy to see why. With its breathtaking art style, immersive world, and original concept, it has captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

The highly anticipated anime adaptation by Crunchyroll and A1 Pictures has been the talk of the town, generating excitement and anticipation among viewers.

For those eagerly awaiting the next chapter, mark your calendars and brace yourselves for the upcoming Solo Leveling chapter 190.

And for those who can’t get enough of this thrilling series, stay tuned for further updates and news. There’s always more to discover in the world of Solo Leveling.



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