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Kim Tae Ri and Hong Kyung Take the Lead in Netflix’s First Animated Film: Lost in Starlight

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Netflix is set to venture into the realm of animated films with “Lost in Starlight,” a groundbreaking production that features the talents of Kim Tae Ri and Hong Kyung as the primary voice actors.

Bringing a touch of familiarity with their on-screen presence, Kim Tae Ri and Hong Kyung lend their voices to this heartwarming animation.

The creative force behind Netflix Lost in Starlight is none other than Climax Studio, the same studio that has brought us popular Netflix dramas like “Hellbound” and the gripping series “D.P.”

This new animated film introduces us to a narrative that revolves around the theme of long-distance relationships, a concept that many can relate to in today’s interconnected world.

Netflix Lost in Starlight: Everything we know so far

At the core of the story are two central characters: Nan Young, an astronaut, and Jay, a musician.

Kim Tae Ri, known for her exceptional acting skills, takes on the role of Nan Young, an ambitious astronaut chosen for the pioneering Mars exploration project scheduled for the year 2050.

Nan Young’s journey to the Red Planet is fueled by a deeply personal motivation: the search for her mother, a scientist who was lost in space due to an unfortunate accident.

Hong Kyung, on the other hand, lends his voice to the character of Jay, a musician who finds himself enamored by Nan Young’s determination and spirit. Their paths cross in an unexpected encounter, which forms the foundation of their unique connection. A spinning record player becomes a symbol of their shared history, reminding them of the strong bond they share.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time Kim Tae Ri and Hong Kyung have collaborated. They previously worked together in the drama “Revenant,” written by the acclaimed Kim Eun Hee.

In this drama, they played characters embroiled in a world of supernatural mysteries, demonstrating their acting versatility.

Netflix Lost in Starlight will explore a long-distance relationship

In Netflix Lost in Starlight, their chemistry is given a new dimension as their voices blend seamlessly to portray the nuances of a long-distance relationship.

Despite being physically apart due to the cosmic gap between Earth and Mars, their emotional connection remains the crux of the narrative.

As Netflix Lost in Starlight marks Netflix’s foray into animated storytelling, it promises to deliver a relatable yet enchanting experience for audiences.

The animation offers a glimpse into the emotional challenges of a relationship that transcends space and time.

With the combination of Kim Tae Ri and Hong Kyung’s performances and Climax Studio’s storytelling prowess, Netflix Lost in Starlight is poised to capture hearts with its simple yet captivating narrative.

In conclusion, Netflix’s Lost in Starlight is set to be a noteworthy addition to the realm of animated films.



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