Park Min Young, who recently starred in “Love in Contract,” is reportedly in talks for a lead role in the upcoming Korean drama “Marry My Husband.”

The drama, set to air later in 2023, tells the story of a terminally ill woman who catches her husband having an affair with her best friend.

When she confronts him, he kills her. However, she is given a chance to travel back in time 10 years, to get revenge on him with the help of a department head from her company.

Park Min Young’s new drama Marry My Husband

In the drama, Park Min Young is the woman seeking revenge. She is described as a strong and determined character willing to do whatever it takes to get justice for herself and those she cares about.

Meanwhile, Lee Yi Kyung, who recently starred in “Royal Secret Agent,” is being considered for the role of her husband.

The premise of “Marry My Husband” is unique, with a mix of romance, time travel, and revenge. It promises to be an emotionally charged drama that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Park Min Young’s potential involvement in the project will generate excitement among her fans, as she has repeatedly proven she is a talented actress who can take on complex and challenging roles.

As with any drama dealing with sensitive subject matter such as terminal illness and infidelity, it will be important for “Marry My Husband” to handle these topics with care and sensitivity.

It remains to be seen how the drama will tackle these issues, but one thing is certain: with Park Min Young potentially leading the cast, viewers can expect a powerful and memorable performance.


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