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Online Petition to Redo Chainsaw Man Gets 2,000 Signatures

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Well, who doesn’t know about the recent anime adaptation called “Chainsaw Man”, is one of the most hyped series of the year. 

But as much as it was expected from the anime adaptation of the popular manga title “Chainsaw Man” it doesn’t stand on the expectations of the fan, Which was really saddening.

Because of factors such as not properly following characterization for series by MAPPA Studio and changing the main plot for the series, the fans are criticizing the series for very long. 

And finally a petition was filed for redo of the series.

Fans wanted anime to be released with new production house and voice actor this time. Everyone wanted to have fresh start for the series. 

Because of which 2000 signatures all around the globe was filed through online portal.

So for though who are unaware of story and anime series, here is the main plot summary for your references.

Chainsaw Man plot summary

The world is full of Devils, also known to be monsters who mostly feed on human emotions (fear). 

Despite their antagonistic nature, humans can team up with these Devils and gain their powers to defeat their own kind. 

The protagonist is a broken young man named Denji, whose life is going by working for yakuza to repay is father’s massive debt to the yakuza. 

Along with Pochita, a Devil who disguised himself as a dog, who has a chainsaw as a nose.

Chainsaw Man is being reanimated?

It is said that the petition claims that the anime series graphics quality is being lower just because it took film like direction. 

Which obviously downrated the manga’s intensity and comedic scenes.

They also cited that the there was removal of certain lines and changes in the battle scene because of the director, Which is said that he had “misunderstood” the source material for the series.


So do your agree with reasons cited for the petition filed for the series? Do you think that the anime should have a Redo and release again? Let me know in the comment section.


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