Crash Course in Romance episode 12 opens with a blast. After their last time fight; our leads enter the trope phase of to text or not to text. But with a hidden hand trying to get in their way, I can’t help but get worried. Also, finally, we get to know who the culprit is. It isn’t like we didn’t expect the drama to go this way, but making it official hits differently.

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Crash Course in Romance episode 12: Hee-jae gets arrested

Picking up where we left off, Hee-Jae jumps out of nowhere in front of Chi-yeol’s car. It only takes a short time for the detectives to catch and take him to the station. Seon-Jae is devastated to see his brother taken like that without being able to do anything for him. Seeing his state, Haeng-soon accompanies Seon-jae to the police station along with Chi-yeol until Seon-jae’s mother arrives.

However, the first thing the so-called mother worries about is getting Seon-Jae to return home since he has to study for the upcoming midterms. Really! Can’t she see how worried Seon-Jae is? Why not act like a proper mother and try to comfort him? But getting mad over that tiger mother’s actions won’t change anything.

Speaking of mothers, a fellow tiger mother, Su-ah’s mother, was also there when Hee-Jae got arrested. But instead of acting like a proper grown-up and trying to help, she is too busy sharing the latest bit of gossip that Hee-Jae was holed up at home all the time and not studying abroad, as Seon-jae’s mother claimed. 

But get the mothers’ squad right. They will only gossip about it among themselves for the grand goal of keeping the value of their property intact. Every time I think they can’t get any worse, I am proven wrong, so I will hope they disappear away from the plot.

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Crash Course in Romance episode 12: To text or not to text

Haeng-soon and Chi-yeol leave after Seon-jae’s mother arrives, but instead of talking it out, Chi-yeol says he doesn’t want to discuss it any further, which gets Haeng-soon mad. Now that they have had their first fight, our couple enters a new dilemma, to text or not to text, to call or not call. Just like that, they keep writing and then erasing what they wrote.

For the next day, Haeng-soon keeps her eyes glued to her mobile phone, and even though it doesn’t ring, she keeps staring at it, hoping to receive a message from Chi-yeol. Meanwhile, despite having a tight schedule, Chi-yeol keeps thinking about Haeng-soon. Will it be meaningful to send her a text, or will apologizing in person seem better?

Eventually, after going back and forth for a while, Haeng-soon gives in and sends Chi-yeol a text. But the one who reads that message isn’t Chi-yeol but an obsessive Dong-hee who deletes it before Chi-yeol reads it. Just as I think it is over and the misunderstanding will get worse, Haeng-soon spots Chi-yeol waiting for her in front of the store. Our smitten instructor has been waiting an hour and a half to see the woman who stole his heart. So sweet.

Luckily, the misunderstanding doesn’t get dragged out. Haeng-soon tells Chi-yeol about not getting a reply to her text. But as we know, Chi-yeol didn’t receive any messages. They brush it off for now as an error, and Haeng-soon forgives Chi-yeol after funnily threatening him about how hard her clean break is. 

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Crash Course in Romance episode 12: A sweet cruise turning into an accident

The text message incident isn’t the only suspicious thing about Dong-hee. #1 During Chi-yeol’s photoshoot, one of the staff calls him “Jeong Seong-Hyun.” It doesn’t take much to realize he is the dead student’s brother #2 Keeping his address a secret from Chi-yeol as if it is a war secret #3 Hinting at Chi-yeol not dreaming about the deceased student since after he got together with Haeng-soon.

Something worse awaits us as if those weren’t enough for us to find Dong-hee suspicious. Hearing that Haeng-soon wishes to visit the sea, Chi-yeol plans to hit two birds with one stone and take her to the seaside in Incheon after giving a lecture there. This time, Dong-hee acts all sweet to Haeng-soon, smiling at her, getting her the pen she drops, and helping her get on the yacht. But only after Chi-yeol steps away from Haeng-soon’s side for a moment does Doe-hee’s mask fall off.

Stirring the yacht’s handle abruptly, Dong-hee causes Haeng-soon to fall, and if not for her athletic body, she might have fallen into the sea. Back to the kind-hearted person mode, Dong-hee acts apologetically that he “unintentionally” caused Haeng-soon to hurt her hand. After treating her wound, Chi-yeol takes Haeng-soon home, or he rather kidnaps her for the night.

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Crash Course in Romance episode 12: The kind-hearted assistant’s second nature is now revealed

As for Hee-jae, despite his mother’s utmost efforts to portray him as an “insane” person suffering from disorders and hallucinations and force him to keep silent, he musters up the courage and tells the truth, thanks to Seon-jae’s support (Hee-Jae holding onto the medicine bottle speaks volumes). Yes, he knows the victim, Yi-sang, but he isn’t the murderer but a witness to the murder.

Simultaneously, we see a deliveryman delivering a big box of metal balls to a rooftop room with multiple pictures of Chi-yeol and jars of metal balls. It goes without question that it is Dong-hee’s house, and he is the dead student’s brother, who has been looking out for the only one who genuinely cared for his sister.

Dong-hee’s respect for Chi-yeol has become an obsession, and he is now out to get Haeng-soon. We end the episode on the most thrilling cliffhanger ever, with Dong-hee about to hit Haeng-soon with a metal ball.

I hoped we wouldn’t go with the trope of the kind-hearted assistant turning evil out of obsession. But now that we have reached that stage, I can’t help but stay on pins and needles that the story will go stray and tropey, losing its sweet and unique taste and becoming boring and repetitive.

Aside from our lead couple, we have a blooming romance/love triangle between Hae-yi and her knights in shining armour. I don’t know who is the one that Hae-yi likes, but I got touched by the scene of her waiting for Seon-Jae in the park after worrying about him all day and Seon-Jae falling onto her shoulder. Whether it be romance or friendship, this relationship is exceptional. It is why Seon-Jae hasn’t lost his sanity over his suffocating mother’s actions.

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