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Dominating the Charts: Kpop Billboard Songs Secure Top Spots on World Albums Chart

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In the realm of music, where rhythms and melodies converge to create a symphony of cultural influence, Kpop’s resonance has transcended borders, captivating hearts across the globe.

As the beat of this dynamic genre reverberates worldwide, a new chapter unfolds on the stage of Billboard’s World Albums chart.

This chronicle of musical achievement celebrates the meteoric rise of Kpop songs on Billboard, where artists such as NewJeans, ITZY, TXT, Stray Kids, ENHYPEN, LE SSERAFIM, AESPA, and more stand tall, solidifying their positions in the echelons of musical brilliance.

Join us as OTAKUSMART explore the harmonious journey of these chart-topping sensations, their indelible mark on the World Albums chart, and the global phenomenon they embody.

Best Kpop Billboard songs and albums of 2023

Best Kpop Billboard songs 2023

The latest Billboard World Albums chart for the week ending on August 19th is ablaze with the sensational success of Kpop songs on Billboard, as NewJeans, ITZY, TXT, Stray Kids, ENHYPEN, LE SSERAFIM, AESPA, and more claim prominent positions.

NewJeans, the breakout sensation, continues to mesmerize the music scene with their mini album “Get Up,” as it comfortably retains its No. 1 position on the World Albums chart for the third consecutive week.

This achievement is amplified by its steady presence within the top 12 of the Billboard 200 for three successive weeks.

Notably, the group’s eponymous debut EP, “New Jeans,” marks an impressive feat by spending its 33rd non-consecutive week on the World Albums chart, firmly grasping the No. 10 spot.

ITZY, the trailblazing K-pop girl group, propels onto the scene with their latest mini album “KILL MY DOUBT,” soaring to the No. 2 spot on the World Albums chart this week.

Their remarkable journey continues as they etch their name into history, becoming only the second K-pop girl group to grace the Billboard 200 with five distinct albums.

TXT, known for its global resonance, carves a path of triumph as their Japanese album “SWEET” makes a resounding entry at No. 3 on the World Albums chart.

This milestone takes on added significance as TXT joins the ranks of a mere two Korean artists, including BTS, to debut a Japanese album on the Billboard 200.

Stray Kids, the masters of innovation, assert their prominence with their latest album “★★★★★ (5-STAR),” maintaining an unwavering No. 4 position for the tenth consecutive week on the World Albums chart.

This album, a testimony to their artistic brilliance, simultaneously secures their first-ever accomplishment of spending a solid 10 weeks on the esteemed Billboard 200.

ENHYPEN’s spellbinding magic continues with their latest mini album “DARK BLOOD” reigning at No. 6 for its 11th successive week on the World Albums chart. Meanwhile, LE SSERAFIM’s inaugural studio album “UNFORGIVEN” captivates listeners at No. 7, having completed an impressive 15 weeks on the chart. Furthermore, aespa’s “MY WORLD” captures hearts at No. 8, marking its sixth remarkable week.

Beyond the immediate forefront, the reverberations of K-pop’s influence are felt with BTS’s Jimin’s solo debut album “FACE” celebrating an impressive 20 weeks on the chart at No. 11.

Simultaneously, BTS’s 2022 anthology album “Proof” steadfastly maintains its position at No. 13, having completed an astounding 61 weeks.

As the musical journey unfolds, TWICE’s “READY TO BE” stands strong at No. 12 for its 22nd week on the chart, closely trailed by SEVENTEEN’s “FML” at No. 14, emblematic of its 16-week presence.

In this symphony of global sound, Kpop Billboard songs harmoniously assert their dominance, etching their mark on the prestigious World Albums chart and beyond.



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