BTS’s V Sets Record with 10 Million+ Likes on Every Instagram Post

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Social media has become a platform for people to express themselves, share their experiences, and connect.

Instagram, in particular, has become a hub for individuals to showcase their lives and talents.

Amongst the numerous accounts on Instagram, BTS V, also known as Kim Taehyung, has created a record that has never been achieved before.

BTS member V has broken a remarkable record on his personal Instagram account (@thv).

As of March 1, all of his 77 posts have exceeded 10 million likes, making him the only person in the world to achieve this feat.

V’s latest milestone has been recognized by prominent publications like W Korea and even made its way to South Korea’s national television, with MBC News covering his impressive record-breaking achievement.

BTS’ V becomes Instagram King

BTS' V becomes Instagram King

BTS member Kim Taehyung, better known as V, has accomplished a significant feat establishing him as the “Instagram King”.

V has made history by becoming the first person in the world to have all his Instagram posts receive over 10 million likes.

As of March 1, V has 77 posts on his Instagram account (@thv), and every single one of them has garnered more than 10 million likes.

This record is awe-inspiring, considering the number of celebrities worldwide active on Instagram and the countless top stars with millions of followers.

V’s success on Instagram is a testament to his immense popularity and loyal fanbase, known as ARMY.

V’s achievement has been noticed, as it has been covered by numerous news outlets, including South Korea’s MBC News and W Korea.

His remarkable record on Instagram has only added to his already impressive list of accomplishments, earning him the title of “Instagram King.”

V’s social media success goes beyond his latest milestone.

He has previously set records on Instagram, including the most-liked post by an Asian act, with his Yeontan post receiving over 20 million likes.

He has also secured two Guinness World Records for the fastest follower gain on the platform.

These achievements showcase his unmatched popularity and influence in the online world.

BTS’ V Instagram account break records

BTS's V Sets Record

V’s Instagram account offers a window into his multifaceted life, sharing glimpses of his moments and work projects.

Fans get an exclusive look behind the scenes of his photoshoots and other engagements, revealing his creative process and diverse interests beyond his involvement with BTS.

The success of V’s Instagram account can be attributed to his strong connection with fans.

He frequently interacts with them through live streams and by responding to their comments on his posts. His charismatic personality and unique style have also earned him a massive following.

V’s Instagram success is just one of the many milestones he has achieved as a member of BTS.

As a part of the global phenomenon, he has helped break down music industry barriers and bring Korean culture to the world stage.

In conclusion, V’s achievement of becoming the first person in the world to have over 10 million likes on all his Instagram posts is a remarkable feat that cements his status as the “Instagram King.”

His Instagram success, talent, charisma, and connection with fans have made him one of the most popular members of BTS and a global icon.



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