August has been generous for Kpop groups and fans. We’ve already seen some of the biggest comebacks for this month, and what better than everyone’s favorite all-girl K-pop TWICE announcing their biggest comeback yet? Fans can look forward to seeing TWICE in a new avatar, plus the Kpop concerts in 2022 will surely be a sight to see with TWICE and other Kpop bands performing worldwide in the second half of 2022.

The Kpop group undoubtedly joins the list of prominent K-Pop groups that have already made long-awaited comebacks from the second, third, and fourth generations. Here is a quick look at TWICE’s future projects and their contract renewal, as shared by Jihyo.

TWICE comeback will be grander


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On August 26, with the announcement of the group’s much-anticipated return, they promised to introduce fans to new genres and styles, which is something every Kpop group is trying right now. The group member, and leader Jihyo, stated that fans could look forward to a new array of styles with its most anticipated project, “BETWEEN 1&2.”

In an interview with GRAMMY Magazine, TWICE shared its new strategy for the comeback, stating, “We are exploring numerous genres, like pop, dance, ballad, and rock,” she added.

In the concept images for the comeback record, TWICE’s Nayeon, Sana, Momo, Tzuyu, Jeongyeon, Mina, Jihyo, Chaeyoung, and Dahyun can be seen in their spies look; wherein all the members are wearing a color combination of black and red.

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With the interview, the group also concluded their comeback and the contract renewal for all nine members. TWICE has completed its contract renewal, which means the group members will continue to shine and bring new projects for their fans.

TWICE 11th Mini Album “BETWEEN 1&2”

TWICE "BETWEEN 1&2" Album Sneak PeekTWICE “BETWEEN 1&2” Album Sneak Peek

During the interview, the group discussed their plans for its highly anticipated comeback, wherein the member, Jihyo, shared some facts with their fans. The group’s next project is named “BETWEEN 1&2,” which is the 11th Mini Album by the group scheduled to be released on 2022/08/26 FRI 1 PM KST/0 AM EST.

Fans had a mixed reaction to the contract renewal announcement, which is fair in a sense. Since TWICE members are close-knit, fans expected them to share the news as a big announcement with every member participating or at least share the information with a more commercialized approach.


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However, the contract renewal announcement was shared silently during the interview, which might hurt some fans, but at least the group is releasing its next album. Nevertheless, TWICE is back on track, and fans can expect some good music from the group and new MV’s that will give them a push to pass through the notorious “seven-year curse” that K-Pop idols frequently experience.


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