Twice and Blackpink are already considered veterans in the massive music industry of South Korea, popularly known as the K-pop Industry. They are the K-pop sensations. They, too, are hugely responsible for expanding the Hallyu Waves in the world. Yes, how fast does time fly? It feels like yesterday when they first debuted and performed in their debut showcase.

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They have provided us with non-stop hits. Meanwhile, we are here not only to reminisce about their pasts. We are here to know the features that make them quite different from each other, or instead, it’s more like buddies discussing the two groups and their uniqueness.

Some facts that all the Ones and Blinks must already be aware of:


BlackPink made its debut in 2016, whereas Twice made its debut a year before them, in 2015. 


They belong to two big entertainment companies of Seoul, South Korea, that is, YG (BlackPink) and JYP(Twice) Entertainment.


There are four members in BlackPink, namely, Lalisa Manoban (Lisa), Roseanne Park(Rosé), Kim Jisoo (Jisoo), Kim Jennie (Jennie).

There are nine members in Twice, namely, Im Na-Yeon (Nayeon), Hirai Momo (Momo), Yoo Kyung-Wan (Jeongyeon), Son Chae-Young( Chaeyoung), Mina Sharon Myoi (Mina), Sana Minatozaki (Sana), Park Ji-Hyo (Jihyo), Kim Da-Hyun (Dahyun), Chou Tzy-yu (Tzuyu).


There are 10 MVs of BlackPink and 35 MVs of Twice.

Spotify: BlackPink has 14 million monthly listeners, whereas Twice has million monthly listeners.

Awards: Twice has won 108 awards and BlackPink has won 79 awards.

TWICE Vs BLACKPINK Social Media followers: 

Twice: 5M followers on Facebook, 8M followers on Twitter, 10.8M Subscribers on YouTube, and 18.6M on Instagram.

BlackPink: 16M followers on Facebook, 6.8M followers on Twitter, 38.4M Followers on Instagram and 62M Subscribers on YouTube. 

Apart from this, each member of BlackPink has their Instagram handles where Rosé has 55M followers, Jisoo has 55.9M followers, Jennie has 62.1M Followers, and Lisa has 72.9M Followers.

TWICE Vs BLACKPINK Achievements so far:

BlackPink has a best-selling album by a Korean female act, is the most followed girl group on Spotify, the most-subscribed music group on YouTube, and launched the first album by a Korean Girl-Group to surpass 1 million pre-orders. They are the best charting female Korean group of all time. BlackPink is the first Korean group to have four music videos to cross one billion views.

It is the highest-charting female Korean act on Billboard Hot 100. It became the first Korean group on Forbes “30 Under 30 Asia.” Twice is the highest-selling girl group in South Korea.

It was the first female Korean act to top the Billboard World Albums and World Digital Song Sales. It was the first Korean girl- group to embark on a Japanese dome Tour.

BlackPink has a bad girl and punk vibe. They represent the “girl crush” concept. Twice has the girly and cute vibe concept. Although their debut song, OOH-AAH, was quite different when they changed their EDM into the girly approach. But in reality, they all carry the cute vibe with them. So NO judging their personality by their music! Both of the groups are very talented and with so many skills. Let’s see through their talents together:


We have seen Jihyo and Rosé singing together on SBS Entertainment with a few other artists. Since then, I have been a big fan of their vocals. I definitely can’t compare them. Their high notes are marvelous. I love Jennie and Jisoo’s vocals too. Jennie has a clear and attractive voice while Jisoo has a husky voice, soothing for ears. Her voice is very stable too. Although, I must say many people believe Twice’s vocal line is the strongest. 


Twice’s one of the Japanese members, Momo and BlackPink’s Lisa, from Thailand, are the lead dancers of the two groups. They are both natural and stunning in their moves. Although their group exalts different concepts and has different dancing styles, they both are extraordinarily sexy while dancing. Not only Mina, I believe even Sana is a stunning dancer. I love Mina’s dancing too, as we already know that she is trained in ballet and is incredible in hip-hop too.


Both BlackPink and Twice have mainly two rappers. Jennie and Lisa for BlackPink. Chaeyoung and Dahyun for Twice. BlackPink’s rap has more glam because Jennie is the lead vocalist too, and Lisa raps as amazingly as she grooves to the dance moves. But I love Twice’s Rap too. Many people believe that BlackPink members are the absolute rap queens. Also, I feel like Chaeyoung is an underrated rapper and, she deserves much more rapping opportunities.



While BlackPink is also known as the hottest girl group globally, we have seen Jennie talking about how cold and harsh her trainee days were. Although she also said that she doesn’t regret being a trainee because she acquired a window of opportunity to sing, dance, and rap. When Lisa came to be a trainee from Thailand, she didn’t know how to communicate in the Korean language. Not to mention, Rosé and Jisoo had their struggles too. We have often seen Rosé breaking down while talking about their efforts during their trainee days.

Although Jisoo doesn’t cry much, she had a hard time supporting her members while suffering alone since she was the oldest member in the group. At the end of every month, they would have one solo, one group song, and one dance song.

Also, they had to film a vocal video, a popping dance video, and a krumping dance video. It was much difficult for them to make it to the debut. Their debut was delayed a lot too. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that what they are reaping are the fruits of the seeds they had sown while being the trainees under YG Entertainment.


Becoming Twice was not easy. We have seen Jihyo getting criticized for her weight irrespective of being so talented. That’s why she always tried to hide from the camera. The timing for the minor team trainees in Sixteen was from 9 am-9 pm. Nayeon being the oldest one, always thought that supporting the younger ones was one of her biggest responsibilities.

She almost debuted as a 6Mix member but got canceled. Tzuyu faced language problems during her trainee days and was always quiet. Despite all the difficulties, she kept on working hard. We have even seen Momo practicing throughout the night without getting any sleep.

She even starved herself to the point that she thought she might not wake up again. Jeongyeon has faced so many health issues and, still, we see her sing and dance happily on the stage. She even has social anxiety. Sana left her home at a very young age but often got hated because she is Japanese.

Even Mina faced psychological strain, and it took a long time to cure while people blamed her for being lazy. Dahyun had to face a lot of pressure because people kept calling her fake.

Chaeyong’s privacy got invaded by her haters, and she got a lot of hate because of her attitude. Therefore, I would repeat my first statement, becoming Twice was not easy, and it still isn’t. They deserve all the success they are getting.

As we can see, BlackPink is taking a break from music. Since Lisa’s solo songs “Money” and “Lalisa” were released, she has been busy promoting her solo music career and attending various interviews. She also collaborated with Western artists like DJ Snake and Megan Thee Stallion.

The other members of BlackPink- Jennie, Jisoo, and Rosé were engaged in attending the Western Brand events. Meanwhile, we also saw Rosé attending the Met Gala Event. Also, Jisoo’s Drama with Jung Hae-In, Snowdrop, has gained both popularity and controversies.

But we can rarely see Twice taking any breaks. Their company overworks them. I feel like they, too, deserve a break and take some time for themselves before they come back stronger than the 90’s trends.

So are you more of an ONCE or a BLINK? Nevertheless, it’s my hearty request to all the readers to equally respect both groups.

Do Blackpink and TWICE get along?

Both the bands are supportive of each other and as far as we’ve seen, TWICE and BLACKPINK support uplifts each other in their performances.

Who is more talented TWICE or Blackpink?

TWICE has more members than BLACKPINK so it is safe to say have more arsenal when it comes to combined talent. However, BLACKPINK global appeal has garnered international fans more.

Which is better Blackpink or TWICE?

Both the girl groups are good at what they do. Music is a subjective term and we firmly believe that BLACKPINK and TWICE are one of the biggest Kpop groups of this era.

Which is popular Blackpink or TWICE?

Twice has more number of album sales in South Korea whereas BLACKPINK has a big monopoly in international markets. So if we talk about South Korea, TWICE is more popular than BLACKPINK.


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