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5 Best Fingerprint Door Locks For Office In 2023

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A fingerprint-enabled door lock for offices safeguards your company’s assets and provides ease of mind. According to a recent report by Statistic Brain, U.S. businesses incur $50 billion in damages annually. These numbers can go higher depending on the recession period and region. For example, a recent issue at e-commerce giant Coupang Inc in South Korea became the talk of the security world. The former employee of the same company stole goods worth 100 million won (US$83,820).

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Similarly, other cases are too concerning for employers and should be addressed quickly. In times like these, you’ll need a fingerprint lock system for in-door offices to fight ongoing thefts. These devices work 24/7 to give you peace of mind while keeping your assets safe. In the following post, we’ll share the top 5 fingerprint door locks for offices in 2023. Starting at number 1, we have Fingerprint lock L100-ID by Anviz.

Anviz Fingerprint lock L100-ID

Padded with top-notch security protocols and two models, L100KD is an exceptional piece of engineering and functionality. Anviz managed to give a fashionable look to the Lock that doesn’t miss out on security aspects. The lock is accompanied by a solid zinc body allowing the panel to ensure that moisture doesn’t enter the lock. The lock comes with a Fingerprint and Keypad model and a second variant comes with cutting-edge RFID technology. Both variants can sustain direct heat, sunlight, and water damage. But that’s not all! Being a smart locking system, the L100-ID comes with a music buzzer that can be customized to your favorite songs. 

Anviz Fingerprint lock L100-ID pros and cons


  • Finger touch open
  • Spare Mechanical key for backup
  • Easy operation and installation


  • Dust can enter the lock if you’re not careful 
  • A hardcoded fingerprint sensor requires extra pressing 
  • It comes with a single color option only

UL3 by Ultraloq

UL3 by Ultraloq is a smart door locking system with many functionalities and features. For example, the lock offers keyless locking solutions for offices, homes, shops, and malls. It uses Bluetooth-enabled smartphones and finger access features to open the lock. You can easily download the Ultaloq app on your smartphone, and using your phone’s Bluetooth connection; you can open the doors automatically. It also offers one-year assured battery life thanks to low energy consumption. UL3 also has IP6 protection, protecting the lock from wind, dust, water, and other earthly elements.

Ultraloq UL3 pros and cons


  • Keyless entry using Bluetooth
  • Anti-peep code
  • Works with iOS and Android devices


  • Allows a maximum of 95 fingerprints
  • Learning curve while using Ultraloq mobile app
  • Frequent battery replacement can be frustrating

OZ-FDL-01 by Ozone Life

If you’re on a budget or want to save money while searching for office fingerprint door locks, you can check out OZ-FDL-01 by Ozone Life. OZ-FDL-01 comes with an array of features which is also within your budget. The lock offers five access modes- Fingerprint, Mobile App, RFID, Password, and Emergency Key. Furthermore, you can use Google Assistant & Alexa-enabled devices to open the lock. It has two years of warranty and smart features such as Smart Freeze Mode for added protection, Low Battery Notification, and much more. 

Ozone Life OZ-FDL-01 pros and cons


  • Bidirectional installation 
  • Modern space-saving design 
  • Multiple access modes


  • Suitable for 35-60mm thickness wooden door
  • Sometimes the app doesn’t work
  • Requires additional purchase of OZ-Life GATEWAY-11 to use remote access

BM003L by iTouchless

iTouchless has some of the most creative designs, and the new Bio-Matic Fingerprint Door Lock “BM003L” looks awesome. It uses contemporary designs that look vintage in its all-brass body. Apart from the design perspective, iTouchless provides a 360-degree lock system with the efficiency of recognizing a false identification rate of less than 0.0001%. The lock also offers up to 78 pin codes and 150 fingerprint registrations. The installation procedure for the lock is effortless, and by DIY, you can set up the iTouchless fingerprint door lock in five simple steps. 

iTouchless BM003L pros and cons


  • Water and dust resistant 
  • Sliding covers to protect the scanning pad
  • Easy DIY installation method


  • Changes in the temperature/humidity can cause problems in the lock
  • Not illuminated keys 
  • Not easy to operate if you lose the key

SHS-P718-LMK by Samsung 

The next smart door lock on our list is from Samsung. As one of the most expensive fingerprint door lock options, the SHS-P718-LMK features a unique push-pull concept. Since there is no handle to turn over, opening doors with a single button seems more convenient. As for its features, the smart locks come with an automatic wake-up feature, an IR sensor, dual authentication mode, and more. The installation requires some work, but you can rest assured that only authorized people can go in and out of your office once installed. 

Samsung SHS-P718-LMK pros and cons


  • Push/pull opening concept
  • Automatic wake-up feature
  • User-friendly controls 


  • Expensive as compared to similar products
  • It doesn’t include Wi-Fi connectivity 
  • Not an easy installation procedure 

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