China is a communist country, and the top 2% of the Chinese government officials control and regulates the country. Recently, we saw how the Chinese coronavirus destroyed the economy and cursed humanity in general.

Some journalists argue that China is a part of the hidden propaganda and it is using its resources to weaken other countries economically, socially, and emotionally. So how can India win this war with China?

To answer this question people on the internet are advised to boycott Chinese apps like TikTok and UC browser and also stop using Chinese websites like AliExpress etc.

So here are the best 9 Alternative Indian apps for Chinese apps you should download today.

9 Alternative Indian apps for Chinese apps (January 2023)

Bolo Indya, Roposo for TikTok

Bolo Indy and Roposo are two different apps that offer a similar user interface to TikTok. You can find these Apps on Appstore and Playstore

Google Chrome for UC browser

No doubt, Google Chrome is the best browser for desktop computers. Google LLC has also launched Chrome for Android and IOS operating systems. This is the best alternative to the UC browser, as Chrome is the product of Google USA.

Amazon and Flipkart for AliExpress and Club Factory

Ali express is a product of the parent company Alibaba owned by Chinese businessman Jack Ma. To boycott this Chinese E-commerce website, you can try Amazon and Flipkart, owned by Jeff Bezos and Walmart USA.

Call of duty mobile for PUBG (Chinese server)

This is the hardest decision for all gamers, but if you care about the ongoing war and you are aware of the current scenarios, you might want to delete that PUBG and install Call of duty mobile. It’s more fun, I swear.

Using Files by Google for Shareit

Google is a multi-tier company with more than 160 Applications, and Files by Google is one of the products which can easily replace Shareit, owned by the Chinese businessman Michael Qiu. Google is a trustworthy company and does not promote or endorse spyware like Chinese applications.

WhatsApp for Wechat

WeChat is the main chatting platform in China, and Chinese citizens use this application to chat, share, and pay bills using QR code technology. WhatsApp is a better alternative to WeChat, offers a long list of options, and is owned and maintained by Facebook.

Google news or Inshort for UC news

Both Google News and Inshort are products of Google LLC and Azhar Iqubal. UC news in the subsidiary of Alibaba Mobile Business Group.

Adobe premier rush and Camtasia for Viva video

Video editing apps like Adobe premier rush and Camtasia are better alternatives to the Chinese Video editing app Viva video. You can simply download adobe Premier rush and Camtasia with your IOS and Android devices.

Microsoft Office for WPS office

I was once a user of the WPS office, but I boycotted the Chinese-based apps on my phone, and I use Microsoft Office/ Microsoft word for all my writing and editing.

So that was our take on Alternative Indian apps for Chinese apps you can download. Follow otakusmart for the latest in anime and pop culture. Click here to view the release date of the 3rd movie in the frozen movie franchise.


Ashish Khaitan is a content writer based out of New Delhi. He usually writes content for business owners, websites, and filmmakers. He likes anime, mangas, and Kdramas and often spends a lot of time reading books. He enjoys his own company and rarely goes outside unless there is a sale in the local clothing stores.


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