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6 best fantasy K-dramas to watch after Alchemy of Souls

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Our Daeho residents’ tale eventually ended, leaving an immense void in our hearts that we kept looking forward to watching every week. 

What can we do, though, to fill that void? Watching another epic fantasy tale is the best recipe for moving on from such an epic tale. 

Here I am with some of my favorite fantasy K-dramas like Alchemy of Souls that will fill a part of that void.

Hotel Del Luna


When talking about fantasy dramas, we can only pass by mentioning Hotel del Luna, a fantasy drama about a 1000-year-old woman, Jang Man-Wol, who is tied to a tree for eternity as a punishment for her evil deeds. 

To end that punishment, she has to help the hotel guests go to the afterlife. 

Our heroine has got looks to die for, but she also has a hot temper that only our hero, Go Chan-Soong, the hotel manager, who is also a Harvard University graduate, can deal with. 

Along with the rest of the hotel staff, who are ghosts with unfulfilled wishes, Man-Wol and Chan-Soong do their best to provide their guests with a comfortable stay.

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Sell your haunted house

[Sell Your Haunted HouseㅣTeaser Trailer] "Are you here to sell your house?"[Sell Your Haunted HouseㅣTeaser Trailer] “Are you here to sell your house?”

Ordinary real estate could be more fun. Thus, our female lead, Hong Ji-a, specializes in selling only haunted houses. 

Wherever there is a ghost messing around with the residents, Ji-a steps in and sends that ghost away. 

Despite nailing her exorcisms, Ji-a faces a minor problem, though. Whenever she deals with a ghost, Ji-a’s body gets extremely cold, and she can’t handle it anymore.

Luckily, she soon runs into our male lead, Oh In-boom, a powerful psychic who has yet to discover that ability. 

Strangely enough, whenever In-beom is around, Ji-a doesn’t feel cold at all. 

Although she is reluctant to seek help, Ji-a suggests they start working on exorcisms together, giving us a powerful partnership that remains on top of my favorites.

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Gu Family Book

[Eng Sub] Gu Family Book Trailer [HD][Eng Sub] Gu Family Book Trailer [HD]

A nine-tailed fox, Gu Wul-ryung, falls in love with a woman, who has no clue about his true identity, hoping he will soon become a human when the Gu family book, his family’s heirloom, appears before him. 

However, things don’t go as planned, and Wul-ryung gets killed. Unbeknownst to him, his wife gets pregnant with a child who grows up to be a half-fox and half-human, our hero, Choi Kang-chi. 

The only way for Kang-chi to live as a human is to use his supernatural powers once he becomes an adult. 

That way, those powers will eventually disappear, which sure doesn’t happen, and Kang-chi has now to make peace with his fate with the help of our heroine, Dam Yeo-wool.

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Goblin (Official Trailer)Goblin (Official Trailer)

A former Goryeo general, Kim Shin, gets killed as soon as he reaches the capital after his recent victory. 

However, he is given a second chance at life thanks to the earnest prayers of the people he helped throughout his life. 

However, our former general has to pay the price for taking many people’s lives on the battlefield. He is now an immortal goblin with an invisible sword stuck through his chest. 

Sending off his beloved ones one after another makes life seem meaningless to our goblin, who keeps waiting for his bride, the only one who can take out that sword and end his immortality. 

However, when that so-called bride, Ji Eun-Tak, actually shows up, our goblin has a change of mind. Instead of dying, he now wishes to live happily by Eun-tak’s side.

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Tomorrow | Official Trailer | Netflix [ENG SUB]Tomorrow | Official Trailer | Netflix [ENG SUB]

Our cute and soft-hearted teddy bear of a hero, Choi Joon-woong, falls accidentally into the Han river while trying to stop someone from committing suicide. 

Now, Joon-young lies in a coma and has only two choices: work for an afterlife company for six months or stay in a coma for three years, during which his family will take a severe blow. 

Although reluctant, Joon-woong goes with the former, so he joins grim reapers Goo Ryeon and Lim Ryung-gu in their mission to save suicidal people before they take their own lives in despair.

That mission is for sure not a walk in the park. However, with determination and earnestness, our trio manages to save people and help them get a new chance at life.

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Mystic Pop-up bar

Mystic Pop-up Bar | Official Trailer | Netflix [ENG SUB]Mystic Pop-up Bar | Official Trailer | Netflix [ENG SUB]

In the Joseon era, our heroine, Weol-ju, used to be famous for her dream reading skills, but that unique talent turned out to be a double-edged weapon. 

Soon after Weol-ju helps the crown prince get rid of the nightmares plaguing his sleep, a despicable rumor spreads about Weol-ju seducing the crown prince to gain money and power. 

That rumor costs the life of Weol-ju’s mother, which leaves Weol-ju devastated, and she then commits suicide. 

As a punishment for taking her own life, Weol-ju has to help as many as 10000 people settle their grudges.

 Even with managing to help 9990, Weol-ju is stuck on the last 10 cases, so she enlists the help of Han Kang-bae, a young man with a strange ability where people can only help but tell the truth whenever he touches them. 

With lots of impressive fantasy dramas out there, it will take us ages to list every single one of them. 

I picked out some of my favorite ones that I hope you find enjoyable and if you have other recommendations, tell me about them in the comments, and I will gladly add them to my watchlist.

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