Are you planning to watch Monogatari Anime Series? But don’t know from where you should start watching? Monogatari is a very popular Novel and also anime series. That’s why below I will show you the correct and most enjoyable Monogatari Watch Order.

Because of its adaptation from Nove Series and production mistakes, anime series orders become complicated. There is more than one way to watch the Monogatari series. Actually, there are two ways.

The first one is the chronological order – The original releasing order. And the second-order is the most enjoyable and correct story order. The second order is recommended by Monogatari’s author Nisio Isin himself.

If you don’t want to confuse yourself. Then don’t try to watch in releasing an order. You are only going to spoil your experience with the Monogatari series.

Recommended Monogatari Watch Order by Author

As I said earlier, There are two Monogatari Watch Orders. This is going to be the actual story order.

First Season

1. Bakemonogatari – 15 Episodes

When you watch Bakemonogatari, check how many episodes it has. Most of them have only 12 episodes. Because the last 3 episodes are not aired on T.V but on online.

2. Kizumonogatari – 3 Movies

3. Nisemonogatari – 11 Episodes

4. Nekomonogatari: Black – 4 Episodes

Second Season

1. Monogatari Second Season – 1-11 Episodes

2. Hanamonogatari – 5 Episodes

3. Monogatari Second Season – 11-26 Episodes

Third and Final Season

1. Tsukimonogatari – 4 Episodes

2. Kayomimonogatari – 12 Half-Episodes

3. Owarimonogatari: Season 1 & 2 – 20 Episodes

4. Zuku Owarimonogatari – 6 Episodes

Important Notes:

Even you know the Monogataris correct watch order. As you should know there are a few things to keep in mind when you plan to watch this show.

1. Lot’s of text: The anime contains lots of text on the screen and you don’t need to read them. Focus on subtitles, they are enough to understand the story.

2. Filled with dialogues: Monogatari contains more dialogues than the animation itself. In the first few episodes, they seem boring but soon you get familiar with them.

3. Different art styles: The most unique thing about it is you did not see any extra person in the whole anime. I mean, you only see faces on main and important characters. Important buildings are in color and non-important kinds of stuff are in Black and White.

If you don’t have any problem with the above points then welcome to Monogatari Anime Series and even if you have any problem, you should give it a try.

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