Top 10 of the Strongest Admirals in One Piece

The Strongest elements of the Marines are Admirals. They are placed at the highest position for all the Marines. There are very few Pirates that can go head to head with them and come out alive. Even Whitebeard faced his death whilst fighting the Admirals.

Although, some pirates can stand strong against them and give a tough fight none of them are guaranteed to win. It will ultimately lead to a devastating battle. And this is why the Emperors don’t usually take up a fight with the Admirals.

Before moving onto the Top 10 Admirals let’s know about the Ranks of Admirals a bit.

Admiral Ranks

The ranks for Admirals work in the following order:

· Fleet Admiral

· Admiral

· Vice Admiral

· Rear Admiral

There are other ranks for Marines but these are mainly for the Admirals. Although, the other ranks are not to be underestimated at all either. So, now let’s move on to our top 10 Strongest Admirals in One Piece.

The Top 10 Strongest Admirals in One Piece:

To make it even more interesting we will start with the admirals from the bottom ranks. This by no means describes their actual powers. Some of these have their power yet to be revealed by Oda.

Tsuru: Rank 10

Tsuru is on this list solely from her experience. It doesn’t mean that she isn’t strong enough. Having worked alongside Monkey D. Garp and Sengoku herself she can truly hold her position firmly on our list.

Gion: Rank 9

Perhaps one of the most alluring characters in One Piece. Momousagi is really close (but probably not stronger than) Ryokugyu or Issho.

Both female marines are exceptional and can perform insanely well against 

Zephyr: Rank 8

Zephyr became an admiral at just 38. Also known as the ‘Black Arm’ Zephyr I am undoubtedly the brawns for Marines. He terrorized the pirates until he lost his family. Unfortunately, after this, he couldn’t continue being an Admiral.

What’s more? He lost his arm during fighting against a pirate and that same pirate was invited to become the Warlord by marines. This made situations worse and he retired as a Marine.

Monkey D. Garp: Rank 7

It’s difficult as to where you can put Garp since he was a beast during his prime. He raised his Monkey D. Luffy, is the father of Monkey D. Dragon, and had several head-to-head matches with Gol D. Roger. And those with D in their names always keep on amazing us.

This is exactly why Garp is in the Top 10 Strongest Admirals in One Piece. In the great war against White Beard, he couldn’t actually stop his feelings for his family. Even in the eyes of Marines, they were the criminals Garp never showed any hatred towards them.

Ryokugyu: Rank 6

Unfortunately, Oda has refused to give much information on Ryokugyu. He remains to be in one of the strongest marines of One Piece. He is also one of the current Admirals in One Piece. Basically, Ryokugyu is the replacement of Kuzan.

So you can imagine how powerful he’d be. His only glimpse was mentioned by Doflamingo and he hasn’t made an appearance against our protagonist yet.

Sengoku: Rank 5

Now we’re nearing our top 5 and this list for strongest admirals are going to get sweatier. The only Admiral that held the post even before the release of One piece. He is probably one of the oldest Admirals in the history of One Piece.

Borsalino: Rank 4

Going by his code name Kizaru, the only pirate that seemed to give him some trouble was Marco. This was during the Great War where Ace was being executed. Borsalino/Kizaru was the one to give a really tough fight to Rayleigh. 

Kuzan: Rank 3

Kuzan was the one to go head to head with Sakazuki on Punk Hazard relentlessly for 10 days straight. This turned the island literally into a flaming lava ball on one side and a chilly cold snowstorm on the other. Furthermore, this fight was just to decide the next Fleet Admiral.

Since Kuzan didn’t want to work under Sakazuki, he resigned from his post as an Admiral. He is also known by his pen name Aokiji.

Sakazuki: Rank 2

Sakazuki could be the strongest of all admirals but Aokiji came close to defeating him during their fight on Punk Hazard. Apart from this, Akainu (Sakazuki) was the one who put a hole in the chest of one of the greatest emperors White Beard.

His haki and the power on his devil fruit are really top-notch and almost next to none.

Issho: Rank 1

You can call him Fujitora if you would like to. The Zushi Zushi No Mi user is blind. And this is not really why he is even isn’t his list of Top 7 Strongest Admirals in One Piece. He is the controller of gravity which makes him about the deadliest Admirals in history. 

Currently, he is an Admiral whose real power is not shown yet. It seems as if being blind reinforces his power. He can hear and feel things happening around him.

Of course, this is how we think the Admirals are ranked in One Piece. These are our strongest One Piece Admirals. Comment down below your thoughts on these rankings and let us know who deserves to be here.

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