Thanks to our high school girl, our leads finally hit the dating phase, where even the slightest things hit so sweet. 

From being called a star cheater, our star instructor is now the romantic of the century who everyone is rooting for, except for his right-hand man, who continues raising more red flags by the day.

Picking up where we left off, Hae-yi tells everyone the truth, shocking both Chi-yeol and Haeng-soon. 

Chi-yeol is shocked to learn that Haeng-soon is single and likes him too. While Haeng-soon is dead worried about Hae-yi. 

As a result, she rushes out to the academy, where both mother and daughter share a touching heart-to-heart. Hae-yi is grateful to Haeng-soon for all the sacrifices she made. 

But it is now time for Haeng-soon to pursue her happiness with the man her heart beats for.

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Course in Romance episode 11: Our leads officially get together

Having plucked up the courage, Haeng-soon heads to see Chi-yeol, who is currently on his way to the side store to see her. 

Those two keep missing each other. Young-Joo tells Chi-yeol the entire story about how Haeng-soon became Hae-yi’s mother and that they kept it a secret from everyone as Hae-yi got bullied in middle school.

After that, Chi-yeol returns to his apartment, where our leads finally meet. Luckily, Haeng-soon has stayed there waiting for him to avoid missing each other once again. 

Why didn’t Haeng-soon tell him the truth earlier? He struggled to get over her when there was no need for that. Hooray, our ship has finally sailed, and off to the dating sweetness leaves our couple.

Our now-a-couple heads to the Han river, the same very spot where Chi-yeol realized his feelings for Haeng-soon.

Hence, he unwillingly resolved to get over her. It is funny how Chi-yeol keeps teasing Haeng-soon that the Han river is now a symbol of the heartbreak she caused him by keeping the truth away.

But what happened before doesn’t matter. Let bygones be bygones. Let’s focus on when Haeng-soon and Chi-yeol first fell for each other. 

For Haeng-soon, it was after realizing Chi-yeol isn’t cold but lonely. But for Chi-yeol, it might be since the very beginning. After Haeng-soon entered his life, he started enjoying his life for the first time. 

Before, Chi-yeol never got to feel happy despite all the money he earned. Haeng-soon is his second savior, whom he cherishes as much as the first.

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Course in Romance episode 11: The sweetness of the beginnings

Now that our leads are officially together, we get all the sweetness we have been looking forward to. 

Chi-yeol gives Haeng-soon a ride home, and they both insist on the other leaving first. Jae-woo can’t be any happier to have Chi-yeol as his brother-in-law and looks forward to getting a nephew. 

Young-Joo teases Haeng-soon about setting a wedding day. Before going to sleep, our new couple texts each other with cute emotions.

The next day, Haeng-soon gets understandably worried about Hae-yi. Who knows what Hae-yi’s classmates’ reaction will be? 

Will they bully her like what happened in middle school? But Haeng-soon needn’t worry. Hae-yi is strong enough to confront her trauma and stand up for herself.

 For sure, Hae-yi is scared on the inside. Still, she knows she made the right decision. Running away wasn’t the correct answer. 

Luckily for Hae-yi, she has her best friend and two knights in shining armor supporting her. Also, everyone, except for a jealous Su-ah, views her decision to speak up positively, praising her courage.

Since everything is out in the open, nothing can stop Chi-yeol from tutoring Hae-yi. But it is more like family dynamics than a simple tutoring session. 

Chi-yeol gets Haeng-soon flowers on his way, and Haeng-soon cooks his food passionately, grinning from ear to ear.

Instead of having lunch alone at home, Chi-yeol prefers eating there. Why reheat the food again when he can eat it now? He even asks Haeng-soon to nag him about food since it feels great. Our boy is in love.

Now, the chicken day is something that not only Jae-woo but also Chi-yeol awaits. In fact, Chi-yeol is so enthusiastic that he invites Dong-hee over. 

This time they won’t watch “My Octopus Teacher” like Jae-woo suggests but go for a second round of games after Chi-yeol’s team lost by “a hair” last time. 

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Course in Romance episode 11: Chi-Yeol is in a tight corner

Things are going smoothly for our sweet couple, but that doesn’t mean it is all rainbows and sunshine. Now that everything is cleared up, Chi-yeol is gaining more popularity, becoming the romantic of the century. 

The employees who resigned sooner are now back, begging Chi-yeol to take them in again as if they didn’t jump the ship on their own accord.

The double-faced director is now back to flattering Chi-yeol mode, wanting him back after backstabbing him and sealing a deal with Chi-yeol’s rival. 

The tiger mothers, who acted as if they were warriors of morals, are now all about how the new instructor isn’t on par with Chi-yeol, calling Su-ah’s mother on staging the scandal after praising her strategic skills before. 

They even unabashedly ask Haeng-soon to put in a good word for them to Chi-yeol, asking him to rejoin the all-care program.

They are really on another level. It is less irritating since Su-ah’s mother, the mastermind, wasn’t shameless enough to join them. 

But the rest of the mothers aren’t any better. They knew what Su-ah’s mother was doing was wrong, but they turned a blind eye since it was in their favor. But now that they want Chi-yeol back, they call Su-ah’s mother for her actions.

Haeng-soon tries to stay uninvolved as she doesn’t want to pressure Chi-yeol into doing something he doesn’t want to. 

As for Chi-yeol, despite the director’s sneaky actions and recent betrayal, the fact he was the first one to believe in Chi-yeol can’t be denied.

 Also, leaving the place where Chi-yeol worked for a long time is challenging. Not to mention how much he cares for the students.

After thinking it out, Chi-yeol settles to give the director one last chance. As Haeng-soon puts it, one must hand a yellow card before a red one.

But not without adding a condition of letting Hae-yi rejoin the all-care program. It was her spot, to begin with.

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Course in Romance episode 11: Our leads get into a fight

As expected, Chi-yeol’s decision doesn’t sit well with Dong-hee, who is getting more obsessive than ever to the point of seeing Haeng-soon as a rival who keeps stealing Chi-yeol’s attention.

No matter how slow-witted Haeng-soon is, she senses something is off with Dong-hee’s attitude toward her. 

On their way back from a delivery date, Haeng-soon tells Chi-yeol that she senses something is off with Dong-hee. But Chi-yeol brushes it off. 

As a result, our new couple has their first fight, with Haeng-soon getting mad at Chi-yeol for taking Dong-hee’s side, blaming her without listening to her point. 

Amidst their fight, someone jumps out of the blue in front of the car. Since his face was captured on the CCTV footage, the detectives are now convinced that Hee-Jae is the killer, so they go to arrest him. 

Trying to escape from the detectives chasing after him, Hee-Jae jumps in front of Chi-yeol’s car, and we end our episode on that shocking note.

We have been getting snippets of the possibility of Hee-Jae being the culprit who goes around throwing metal balls.

But I think it is all a red herring. If anything, Hee-Jae is the one who saves the stray cats shot by the murderer. He might be a witness to Yi-sang’s murder, but not the killer.

 How heartbroken Hee-Jae was over the dead cat he couldn’t save and how he keeps getting nightmares speaks volumes he isn’t the culprit. 

I don’t know why he went to Yi-sang’s neighborhood on the murder day. But perhaps he was following the murderer or investigating the case in secret. 

It isn’t just the detectives who suspect Hee-Jae. Even his mother suspects him, but instead of trying to get through, she plans to send him away to the USA. 

For the remaining days before his flight, she takes time off and works from home to keep a watchful eye on Hee-Jae. 

She locks him up cruelly when she has to step out urgently. No one cares for Hee-Jae aside from Seon-Jae.

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