Divorce Attorney Shin

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About K-drama Divorce Attorney Shin

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TBC’s upcoming drama “Divorce Attorney Shin” has gained attention with its unique storyline and talented cast.

Based on a popular webtoon, the show follows the story of Shin Sung Han, played by Cho Seung Woo, a former pianist who became a divorce lawyer.

Divorce Attorney Shin: An interesting set of characters

The show’s main cast has shared four key points that viewers can look forward to. Cho Seung Woo highlighted the importance of “respect” in the show.

He believes that even in misunderstandings, one can untie knots and save relationships through respect.

The show will focus on restoring relationships and delivering catharsis to viewers.

Han Hye Jin, who plays popular radio DJ Lee Seo Jin, described the show as a “gourmet restaurant of genres” with an abundance of fun that will keep viewers engaged.

Kim Sung Kyun, who plays Shin Sung Han’s best friend and office manager, Jang Hyung Geun, highlighted the friendship and dramatics of middle-aged men, while Jung Moon Sung, who plays realtor Jo Jung Sik, teased that the show contains heart-wrenching emotions and side-splitting fun.

Divorce Attorney Shin: The central plot

The cast also praised the teamwork between the crew and actors, with Kim Sung Kyun stating that he was amazed by how well everyone worked together.

For viewers, Cho Seung Woo hopes the show will become a “friend-like project” that holds on tightly to their shoulders. With its talented cast and unique storyline, “Divorce Attorney Shin” promises to be a must-watch drama when it airs.

The show will showcase the importance of respect, friendship, and the ability to untie knots and save relationships. Viewers can expect a gourmet experience of fun, dramatic, and heart-wrenching emotions.



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