En Route To Finding Life On Venus

Recently NASA has made a sizable donation of $500,000 to the Ohio Aerospace Institute (OAI), giving it financial support to launch their latest invention LEAVES (Lofted Environmental and Atmospheric Venus Sensors) which could gather critical data about our next-door neighbor, Venus.   What is LEAVES?   LEAVES is a comparatively affordable, minimal risk, and out-of-the-box device that will allow […]

What Is Nano Man Panel Coating And Why It Is Important?

Nano man Panel Coat is a nanotechnology-enabled coating mainly engineered for use on solar panels. As soon as applied it essentially adjusts the floor giving the surfaces hydrophobic and self-cleansing residences The coating’s self-cleaning impact stops dirt, pollen, pollutants, and chicken feces from sticking to solar panels, preserving them clean, preserving their efficiency, making sure […]

How the modern era resonates in Ayurveda

The 21st century proved that no matter how far civilization goes in terms of technology, it’ll always drives its roots from the past.  It is evident to say the modern era heavily resonates with Ayurveda. People might not notice but we live in a civilization where nature and technology are merging every day. Modern medicines […]