A study revealed by the ‘Journal of Geophysical Research’ on 31st March 2021 examined two visuals that seemed to be x-rays being emitted by the far-fetched planet Uranus using NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory. To date, scientists have had restricted data concerning this mysterious planet which takes 84 earth years to complete one entire revolution around the sun.

What caused Uranus to emit X Rays?

Scientists suggest that the scattering of x-rays was caused primarily by the sun, similar to within the case of Jupiter and Saturn. It is much like how the earth scatters sun rays into the atmosphere. But to our surprise, there could also be an unknown source of x-rays other than the Sun. If the secret behind the same could be unleashed, it would have an immense impact on the history of science and enable humanity to know a lot more about the icy planet.

Another rather unusual theory suggests that Uranus is producing these rays itself due to the large numbers of electrons and protons present in its space environment.

Here are all the bizarre facts about this lonely ice giant that you need to know:

1. Although Uranus has a surface temperature of about -211 degrees, it is made of a hot dense fluid primarily consisting of ammonia, water, and methane.

2. Uranus is about 4 times the size of the earth. If put into perspective, the earth is orange and Uranus would be a football.

3. Although a Uranian day is merely 17 hours long, one Uranian year is 84 Earth years, with 42 years of summer and 42 years of winter.

4. Uranus is the smelliest planet and has an odour of rotten eggs , caused by the presence of hydrogen sulphide which is generally found in sewage.

5. The wind speed of the planet can go up to about twice what has ever been recorded on Earth. In a group four hurricane Olivia was at 408 km/h while Uranus’ speed can reach up to 900 km/hr.

6. The planet has 27 moons all named after famous characters from plays written by famous writers like Shakespeare.

7. The blue colour of Uranus has not been acquired by the existence of water on the planet, but due to the abundance of methane gas .

8. The 13 thick and colorful rings of the plane are believed to be the remains of moons that were hit by a high speed object like an asteroid. 

9. Theories suggest that a collision could have caused the unusually extreme tilt of 98 degrees while the earth has a tilt of about 23.5 degrees, while mercury has none at all.

10. Voyager II is the only spacecraft that has ever flown by Uranus.

11. It is additionally one of only two planets that rotates east to west.

Click here to view the revolutionary paper released by Journal of Geophysical Research.

Satchi Sawhney

Hope you enjoy this amalgamation of bizarre thoughts , facts and my opinions.


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