BTS’s V Caught Smoking Grammy's V

BTS’s V Caught Smoking A Cigarette At Grammys 2022, ARMY Reacts

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In the latest viral photo of BTS’s V, fans can see the young Kpop idol smoking a cigarette with one of the staff members. Since then, there have been thousands of tweets about V, and some of them will really break your heart. In this post, we’ll be looking at the whole controversy of V smoking a cigarette in Grammys 2022  and what ARMY has to say about his actions. 

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In the modern world, social media and fame have limited our privacy, and when we talk about BTS, these boys have been in front of the cameras 24/7. BTS members ‘ privacy has been risked many times from eating food at their homes, shopping, or even minding their own business. At the 2022 Grammys, a viral photo of V has created a big controversy in the Kpop industry, and here is how everyone is reacting to that. 

BTS V was caught smoking backstage at Grammys 2022

On the 4th of April, the world witnessed the 2022 Grammy awards, and we also saw some of the most prominent artists performing at the event. Though Grammys 2022 has ended just one day, it caused such catastrophic effects that’ll remain on the internet for an extended period starting today. 

After two consecutive losses, BTS didn’t win a Grammy for 2022. BTS fandom “ARMY” was really disappointed because their favorite boy band didn’t win any Grammy award for two consecutive years, despite being a global artist at this point. 

The ARMY didn’t recover from the Grammy losses, and now, we have the Kim Tae-Hyung smoking controversy that has changed the world of Kpop lovers upside down. If you’re one of the members of ARMY and follow BTS’s daily, you’ve probably seen the viral photo of V smoking a cigarette backstage at Grammy 2022. 

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BTS V smoking controversy has divided the fandom into two

BTS V smoking controversy

It’s not new that a Kpop idol is caught smoking, and we’ve already witnessed many Kpop idols coming out of the closet and accepting their lifestyle. But what happens when the biggest boy band on the planet is caught trapped in a smoking controversy? 

Well, as you’ve already guessed by the heading, ARMY members have been divided into two different sections. The first one is those who support V in his lifestyle since he is a young adult and can do what he wants with his life. 

The other group asks to cancel V since he has a young fandom consisting of 6-18 years old kids. At the same time, BTS haters have also started trolling the 26-year idol, which directly impacts business and costs money. 

It might look like a minor incident, but many shareholders might move from HYBE since it’ll receive a heavy blow from the controversy. By heavy blow, I mean devaluing stocks, canceling brand partnerships, etc. 

Though these things don’t take time, we haven’t seen a big uproar in the business section, despite V’s smoking action having caused damage to the label. 

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BTS V smoking at the Grammys 2022: what you can do as an ARMY?

BTS V smoking ARMY reacts

This is not the first time V was suspected of smoking. On Christmas 2019, V was caught with an unidentified object via a clip taken by Jimin. At that time, there were many opinions about the thing being a Vape (electronic cigarettes). 

I am not in favor of or against V smoking, but as ARMY, V’s fans might have some concerns. Some netizens argued that it was only a USB. Whatever it was, my personal opinion on this matter is neutral. 

The best thing to do here is to leave the controversy as it is because V is a 26-year-old man, and he has as much right to smoke as you or me. So if you love your favorite BTS idols, then give them space or at least imagine yourself in their shoes or respect someone’s privacy. 

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BTS V smoking at Grammys 2022: top tweets by ARMY and other Twitter users.

Here are some of the latest Tweets by people on Twitter. These Tweets may or may not be offending to you. Please note, I am not taking sides or rejecting V’s smoking habits but I am simply stating what is going on with the current controversy. After V’s Grammy’s 2022 Smoking indecent, here are some of the tweets that have been surfaced on the internet.

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