K-pop Hair Dying

K-pop Hair Dying Guide: How K-pop Idols Protect Their Hair While Dying?

Here are some of the list of k-pop idols who are popular for frequently dyeing their hair and, in fact, slaying their fans in everyone’s looks. But in spite of applying too much color, they are not facing too much damage. Check out how they keep their hair healthy while fulfilling their wish of dyeing their hair in this K-pop hair dying guide.

K-pop hair dying guide

How does Taeyong dyes his hair?

Taeyong K-pop Hair Dying

Park Naeju, hairstylist of BTS, EXO, GOT7, and more, says that amongst all the k-pop idols he has worked with, Taeyong tops when it comes to taking on new challenges with the hair. 

Though Taeyong doesn’t fear the damage that can cause by the hair colors, Naeju fulfills his wishes and keeps his hair safe by applying colors that would cause less harm to his hair. 

Naeju recently posted that he uses “color mousse” from Etude House for Taeyong to give him a great look without causing much damage. 

Each and every hair color causes a certain amount of damage. When it comes to mousse, the amount drastically decreases. 

Mousse is made up of containing light or utmost the medium holding agent. It also contains conditioners that include heat protectants. Thus, mousse too helps to protect the hair from being damaged. 

So styling hair or playing with colors that are generally regarded as harmful is actually “old wives tales” or fables, as Mousse formulated with conditioning agents and protectants is not only good but beneficial to the hair.

The only exception if has for Mousse is using high alcohol content. 

Hence, with the touch of Mousse, Taeyong never fears applying blonde, baby pink, white, lavender, red, green, ice blue, and many more.

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How does Chanyeol dyes his hair?

Chanyeol dyes his hair

EXO’s Chanyeol is known for his change of haircuts and styles. Earlier, he used to have long hair with curls and bangs. Afterward, he goes on to accept dares with his hair. 

He is seen with cute pink hair, hot red hair, gorgeous blonde hair, young gray hair, powerful blue hair, formal black color, pretty purple color, and so on. 

For a certain time, his fans got worried over his hair fall, leading him to go bald behind his head. 

Even amidst all the colors, his loss of hair can be visible. At present, the hair fall is not much of a problem for him. Also, to go on with his colors as well as to lessen the damage, he chose hair tinsel.

Hair tinsel is one of the safest things bringing color to life. Tinsel also gives the hair a glossy and sparkly look. 

During the 90s and Y2K era, tinsel was very popular, but it’s now making a major comeback. Tinsel will give short-term yet safe heat-styling.

The only tip for hair tinsel is to tie and remove it carefully. In the 40-second “Love Shot,” Chanyeol can be caught with festive and holographic highlights in his hair.

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How does Dahyun dyes her hair?

Dahyun hair dye tutorial

TWICE’s Dahyun slays her fans in every color. After JYP Entertainment’s survival show SIXTEEN, she was seen with dark brown hair with some of the parts dyed pink. 

For “LIKE OOH-AHH” 2015, she dyed her hair brown and spiced with orange after swiping the previous one with blonde and blue. She has also switched to blonde, dark purple, purple ombre, black, red, and many more.

In spite of her play with those colors, her hair doesn’t seem to lose quality. 

What she depends on for her hair is her hair stylists, whom she claims are like sisters. And above all is the natural beauty she cares about. 

She drinks plenty of water and sleeps for the perfect amount of time so as to give her skin and hair the time to recover and take care of themselves. 

In an interview, she said, “I concentrate more on inner beauty because when I worry too much or think negatively… I try to be positive and calm all the time”. 

Drinking water is a natural way to keep oneself in good condition. Water supports the vitamins to contribute to hair growth. 

Water helps to strengthen the hair; in fact, dehydration causes split ends in hair. In many cases, water also treats the dandruff problems of the scalp. 

Be it Rosé of BLACKPINK, Woozi of SEVENTEEN, Hyoyeon of Girls’ Generation, Minhyuk of MONSTA X, Felix of Stray Kids, Hani of EXID, Hongjoong of ATEEZ, or Dahyun of TWICE every k-pop idols either take care of their hair naturally or with the help of their hair stylists. Self-care is what the secrets of the idols are. 

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