Kpop-inspired stores in Florida

5 Kpop-inspired stores in Florida that every American Kpop fan should visit

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Kpop shops near is a powerful keyword because it lists down Kpop-themed shops near your place. You can find hundreds of Kpop or pop culture stores related to South Korea by simply typing this keyword. However, in this post, we will be strictly sticking to exclusive Kpop stores in Floride, and hopefully, at the end of the article, you can find yourself purchasing albums, official merch, makeup packs, and much more.

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Kpop has overcome boundaries and language barriers, making it into mainstream US music in just a couple of years. Now, everyone wants to ride in the Hallyu wave, and as bloggers, we’re here to provide the best content possible on the internet. All the data is collected via Google and doesn’t represent the writer’s point of view. The shops are also not ranked and are listed in random order.

Kpoppin USA

Kpoppin USA is probably one of the biggest Kpop-themed stores in Florida, USA. The store has official merchandise of famous Kpop groups such as BTS, TWICE, BLACKPINK, etc. Additionally, if you’re an anime fan, there is a hidden section in the shop dedicated to anime only.

Address: 8251 S John Young Pkwy, Orlando, FL 32819, United States

Pop Cult

Pop Cult sells a mix of everything, but one cannot simply look away from their Kpop section. Though users have suggested that Pop Cult is more of a toys shop on Google reviews, the store has a mix of everything, and one can simply find their favorite Japanese and Korean candies too! You can find cute figurines of Kpop idols, and you can find some cool Kpop-inspired clothing too.

Address: 459 Brandon Town Center Dr, Brandon, FL 33511, United States

Mini Queen & KingZ Anime

We recently wrote about Anime Stores in New York, and we missed Mini Queen & KingZ Anime. However, better late than never, here is a store specializing in anime and Kpop merch, and it is a must-visit if you’re about that life. The staff is friendly and helps you find out things you want and also recommends the best seller products and what’s popular in the market. For example, you can find anime figurines and Kpop apparel and accessories. However, if you’re planning to visit the store for Kpop only, you should check out other Kpop stores in Florida below.

Address: 5770 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee, FL 34746, United States


Blossom is a jewelry shop that specializes in rings, earrings, and more. Being a jewelry shop, Blossom has Kpop-inspired jewelry and accessories for people in the US.
The store is famous among teens and Kpop enthusiasts who like cool and funky accessories inspired by popular culture.

Address: 3191 W Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32808, United States


FYE is a Variety store in Coral Springs, Florida, USA. The store sells anime and Kpop related items, including but not limited to T-shirts, music albums, figurines, video games, DVDs, movies, and chains. FYE has multiple stores throughout the USA and can easily find Kpop-themed products and merchandise.

Address: 9009 W Atlantic Blvd, Coral Springs, FL 33071, United States



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