SeeSaw vs FlipGrid

SeeSaw vs FlipGrid: Which Class Management App You Should Use And Why?

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In the past ten years or so, education has changed so much, and thanks to the Internet, we are now in the era of virtual learning. While teachers and mentors are essential in education, the Internet has changed how we consume knowledge and make it more accessible and cheaper. Among many online services within a grasp of your fingertips, here are the best online education platforms that cater to children studying in primary classes. 

 What is SeeSaw?

SeeSaw is a creative platform. It can be used by teachers, students, and parents to create, share and collaborate. Unlike other social media platforms where users get likes and comment for their selfies, the student on the SeeSaw app receives appreciation from teachers, parents, and students for their drawings, quizzes, and projects. Teachers can empower students to create, learn, and share their accomplishments with parents and other students. 

 How does the SeeSaw app work?

The seeSaw app encourages students to draw, take pictures, and record videos for learning purposes. Through the SeeSaw app, teachers can share online activities or create one to share with students, and students reflect on those activities using the built-in voice recorder, notes, drawing, and more. Teachers can share the portfolio of students with the parents so parents can keep track of their children and their learnings through the mobile app. 

What is FlipGrid?

FlipGrid is a video discussion community for schools and colleges. FlipGrid can be used for primary classes where teachers can create a discussion board, and students reflect on the topic by sharing views by making videos. Teachers can simply add a topic, and students share their opinions through a video. Other students can join and respond to videos created by their classmates, taking the discussion further. 

How does the FlipGrid app work?

Teachers can create a prompt (Video topic of up to 3 minutes) and share the prompt link with the students. Students click on the link, which takes them to the FlipGrip video conferencing page. Students reply with a 90-seconds video and share their views with others. FlipGrid shares similarities with apps like Hangouts, Zoom, and slack. 

The best features from SeeSaw and FlipGrid 

SeeSaw best features

  • SeeSaw is free to use 
  • Better tools- video, drawing, and graphs
  • Available in 150 countries 
  • Google Classroom Rosters integration
  • Students can create accounts 
  • Students can create whiteboard videos

FlipGrid best features

  • Available in 180 countries
  • FlipGrid is free to use
  • Video conferencing
  • Custom emoji’s for faces
  • Connect with educators from around the world
  • Video conferencing only
  • Only be accessed by using a Flip Code

Which one should you use and why

SeeSaw offers flexibility and tools to engage students in activities. Primary class students and teachers use seeSaw. On the other hand, FlipGrid is used by students and teachers from both primary schools to university students. FlipGrid uses video conferring, and students can participate in those video conferencing with the flip code. These platforms cater to students studying at various levels but what makes SeeSaw unique is the integration of drawing, voice notes, and notification for parents. 


Both of these platforms offer an exceptional learning experience. SeeSaw is a primary education-based app, and FlipGrid is a video conferencing app for schools and colleges. These apps work fine in their respective fields, but if you are looking for better tools, creativity, and sharing, SeeSaw is the app for you. 

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