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Google Pay ‘Go India’ And How To Win 500 Rupees

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Google Pay has already made our life so easy. The new game ‘Go India’ by GPay is rewarding the users with INR 101- 105. Here is everything you need to know about how to play the game and travel all around India. 

What is Go India in Google Pay?

Go India is a newly developed game by the Indian payment app Google Pay. Due to the current festive season in India, Google launched the game exclusively for Indian citizens and by playing it sincerely, users can earn up to 101- 501 Indian rupees.

In the game, Google Pay users can travel around Indian(virtually), and by doing that, they earn kilometers, which is used to travel cities inside the game. Finally, by completing all the cities, users earn Google Pay balance, app discounts, free premium app subscriptions, and more as a reward.

Who can play the Go India game by Google Pay?

Any Indian citizen with valid documents and who have made their accounts on google pay and has a verified UPI ID is eligible for playing the new game. Remember, users who are not verified or haven’t made any payments through Google Pay are not eligible for participating in the game. 

For any help and advice for connecting your bank account with Google Pay, you can visit the Google support page here

How to play Go India in Google Pay?

There are some basic rules which require you to make some transactions. But don’t worry, the game itself doesn’t promote wasting money on useless things. Instead, users earn Kilometers and tickets whenever they make any payment through Google Pay. In the game, you can visit different cities and look at city attractions and while you are at it, use another ticket to travel to the next city. The probability of you getting kilometers and new tickets is based on the frequency of payments made through Google Pay. 

How to visit every city fast in the Go India game

Visiting and collecting KM’s is a matter of ‘how much you are using google pay’ but there are other tips and tricks that you can use to visit every city in the game and claim your reward. 

You can start by paying small bills and mobile recharges in your friend’s circle. By doing that, you are indicating to Google that you are using their app to pay bills.

Note: The frequency of getting tickets and KM depends upon Google, and most of the time, these numbers are random and comes at totally unscripted GPay payments, which cannot be controlled by You, Me, or anyone!

What kind of awards users can earn with the Go India game by Google Pay?

There is no limit on what kind and how much rewards you can earn on Goole pay. As I was playing the game, I earned an INR 400 off discount on the Dunzo delivery app. 

As you play the game, you can find more interesting rewards and discounts. If you use Google Pay frequently, you can easily score the champion reward and earn INR 101-501. 

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