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Tom & Jerry: The Live-Action Film First Trailer Discussion

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Tom & Jerry: The live-action film is a thing now. The famous cat and mouse are back with some amazing co-actors and a new story in this trailer of the new live-action movie.

We all know how relevant Tom & Jerry was when we were kids. Now the cartoon duo is making a comeback with the live-action film, the hopes are up and millennials are looking forward to revisiting their childhood with this new animated Tom & Jerry film.

Written by the famous Hollywood director, Costello, the new Tom & Jerry live-action movie will follow the same set of characteristics that we all are familiar with, like ‘Tom’ the cat and “Jerry’ the mouse.

Tom & Jerry live-action trailer

TOM & JERRY - Official TrailerTOM & JERRY – Official Trailer

In the first few seconds of the trailer, we saw Tom and Jerry being homeless while Bruno Mars ‘Count on me’ is playing in the background, indicating that both the characters have nothing but each other in their journey to a new city.

The setting of the movie takes place in New York, where Tom and Jerry are the uninvited guests in a wedding that takes place in a big 5-star hotel.

By the looks of it, the wedding is going to be in the Indian style, and we also get to see some other animated characters, such as a few animated birds and animated elephants.

If I were to compare the animation style of the new Tom & Jerry live-action movie, I would probably say the trailer reminds me of the 1996 sports comedy film – Space Jam featuring cartoon characters from Looney Tunes.

In the trailer, we can see Chloë Grace Moretz as a new employee in the hotel, and as per the trailer, she will play a central part in the movie.

Chloë Grace Moretz Tom & Jerry 2021

The second half of the trailer suggests that Tom will be working in the hotel to catch the mouse. Jerry the mouse will live like a guest in his small room, similar to what we have seen in the 90’s cartoons.

The new movie will try to bring the old mischief from the classic Tom & Jerry cartoon. The film will feature some modern-day elements like flying on drones and using skateboards in the city while chasing.

The best part about the new Tom & Jerry live-action film is the cast. It includes some of the amazing Hollywood actors like Ken Jeong, who had previously done an outstanding job in Hollywood blockbusters like Crazy Rich Asians, The Hangover series, and Pain & Gain.

In the trailer, Ken Jeong is playing the role of the head chef for the grand wedding, and Chloë Grace Moretz will play the role of a new employee, who teams up with tom to get rid of Jerry.

The trailer seems good enough, and we can expect the release date of the movie in 2021. Although there are no updates about the exact release date of the film, the nearest assumption we can make is 2021, as other animated movies are also releasing next year.



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