How to use the Xbox Series X|S controllers ‘Share’ button

How To Use The Xbox Series X|S Controllers ‘Share’ Button

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Xbox Series X|S are two of the most powerful Xbox gaming consoles available on the market right now. Along with features like AMD’s Zen 2 and RDNA 2 architectures that provide true-to-life lighting, shadows, and accurate reflections to create a real-life environment, the Xbox Series X|S comes with the new and upgraded Xbox controllers that put the PS5 controller to shame. No hate though!

Where is the Share Button located on Xbox Series X|S controllers?

The share button is located under the Menu and View buttons. It can be accessed easily with your left-thumb or right-thumb without hurting your gameplay. It has several features and comes in handy for taking pictures and sharing them online.

How to use the Share Button on the Xbox Series X|S controllers?

By pressing the share button once, you can capture whatever is there on the screen and by pressing it for a few seconds, you can record a short segment video of up to 30 seconds. Earlier, taking a screenshot was a hassle and users have to compromise on the gameplay by browsing through the menus to take screenshots but the new share buttons ease out the pain of scrolling through the Xbox menus.

How to share a screenshot with the new Xbox X|S series?

You can easily share your screenshots and short videos with the Xbox App on your phone. To share your current screenshot/video, sign in to your Microsoft account on your PC/smartphone and locate the screenshot you just saved with your new Xbox X|S series controller. Now, you have the option of sharing the screenshot to your Xbox live account or to your social media networks. If you are using a PC/laptop, you can locate your screenshot and videos by signing into your one drive account. For accessing your images go to OneDrive>Picture>Xbox Screenshots.

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