According to a recent report by Cognizant, Generation Z is going to surpass generation Y. But who are Gen Z, and what do they want? Or better, are we prepared to serve content for the next generation of people? The sudden shift in marketing methods and the overall consumer products are all due to the infiltration of Gen Z into the mainstream markets?

For the uninitiated, Gen Z is people loosely born between 1997 to 2010. These individuals are top of the chain and are a significant factor in what works in the market and what would go downward spiral. To give a better perspective here, a fast-food restaurant like Burger King would not create new menus or side dishes for senior citizens because they’re not the end consumer. Similarly, Netflix would not create shows for people in their 70s because Gen Z consumes online streaming for 3-5 hours a day, AKA they are the end consumer again.

Likewise, companies are pushing out their products to suit Gen Z’s taste, and it would be detrimental if you’re not focusing on how to please this new generation of teens. As a content platform, Youtuber, or a blogger, what can YOU do to get close to Gen Z or how to device content to suit’s Gen Z taste? 

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Gen Z content preference

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax,” a great quote by the 16th president of the United States, “Abraham Lincoln,” highlights how important it is to pre-prepare your tools before executing any mission. Similarly, before producing content or developing products for Gen Z, you have to understand what Gen Z want and how they want the content to be served. Here are some of Gen Z’s content-consuming behavior and characteristics you need to know.

  • People between the age of 17 and 25 are highly emotional, and they tend to care about nature, animals, plants, and the ecosystem. 
  • Gen Z uses slang, and it’s better if you get used to the appreciation such as Fam, Stan, Dank, Yeet, Flex, and more.
  • Gen Z is creative, and most of them reject outdated clothing/ideas.
  • Gen Z is fast-paced, and they won’t wait for anything that lags or takes longer than 3-5 seconds to play.
  • Gen Z is tech-savvy, and they want the best experience irrespective of the cost.
  • Most people born between 1997 and 2010 like things that defy the laws of contemporary idealism. 

How to prepare content/products for Gen Z?

If you were reading the above highlights earnestly, which I’m sure you have, then you’ll have no problem creating the perfect product for Gen Z. However, if you’re still out of ideas or want some inspiration to make an excellent dish, try to hang out with Gen Z. If that doesn’t work for you then take inspiration from your surroundings and curate content that speaks, tell, and shares the concept of Gen Z. It can include flashy colors, pop culture reference, slang-talk or fashion.

5 Gen Z content consuming habits that you need to know right now

As the last generation of Echo Boomers (people born from 1977 to 1995), one thing that we don’t get right about Gen Z is their content-consuming habits. Below are five facts about Gen Z and its relationship with content. 

  • Gen Z accounts for 40% of global consumers with an estimated spending power of $143 billion.
  • This new generation of people prefers quality over quantity.
  • Gen Z values video more than any form of media content.
  • Gen Z manages its entertainment and infotainment on subscription-based apps.
  • User-generated content plays a huge part in Gen Z media-consuming habits compared to company-produced digital media content.

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