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5 Interesting Facts About Upcoming K-Pop Boy Band SUPERKIND

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How often do you see K-pop artists implementing AI into their creative work? Not much, right? However, this upcoming all-boy K-pop group is one of the most anticipated debuts of 2022, and the reason why they are getting this traction is mind-boggling.

Who and what is SUPERKIND?

SUPERKIND concept photo

SUPERKIND is an upcoming all-boy K-pop band featured under Deep Studio Entertainment. The group will debut in the K-pop industry with their forthcoming single “PlaySuperkind: Apply for a beta test”.

SUPERKIND consists of 5 members, out of which one doesn’t exist in the human world.

The group is implementing AI that has never been seen in the K-pop industry, and SUPERKIND might be the only K-pop group that is coming up with a fresh concept.

For the rest of it, here are five interesting facts about SUPERKIND.

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Five facts about SUPERKIND

All the members are South Korean

SUPERKIND consists of five members – Eugene, Geon, Daemon, Sae-jin, and SiO. All the members are native Korean and are born in the Gen Z era.

According to, Eugene was born on September 20th, 1999, in Birae-dong, Daejeon, South Korea, and Geon was born on January 10th, 2001, in Incheon, South Korea. 

Daemon (Go Dae-Yun) was born on April 10th, 2001, in Seoul, South Korea. SiO was born on February 6th, 2004, in South Korea. 

The group’s last member, “Jung Sae-jin”, is an AI individual who’ll be performing with the band as the official fifth member. 

Saejin is an AI model

According to Koreaboo, Saejin was born in 2022 in Busan, South Korea. Though Deep Studio created him as an AI model, his online presence has created a lot of debate in the South Korean pop music industry.

We’ve already seen the rise and popularity of AI models in Japan, and now South Korea will be the second country to acknowledge the presence of computer-generated talent.

According to the company CEO, Ryu Ki Hyun, a computer-generated talent can solve the fundamental problem in the K-pop market.

He also stressed that human beings could not achieve perfection in everything, including dancing, singing, and looks, and to fill that void, and AI is being introduced into the K-pop industry.

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SUPERKIND has a wide social media following

The company has been planning for its debut for the longest time. SUPERKIND has also purchased the domain and shared links to all of their social media channels.

The company claims that it is going to DECENTRALIZED KPOP-ENTERTAINMENT, and in a way, they are doing too.

From YoutTube, and Instagram to TikTok, SUPERKIND has garnered followers, and it is slowly setting the stage for its debut single, “PlaySuperkind: Apply for a beta test”.

SUPERKIND and the meaning behind the name

The concept teasers for SUPERKIND stressed two particular words, ‘PRID’ and ‘NUKE’, leaving the fans scratching their heads because the words themselves don’t make any sense. However, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you, and here is what SUPERKIND means and the story behind the name.

According to the company, ‘SUPERKIND’ is an anagram, and people might face a challenge while deciphering it. If we reorder to the word ‘SUPERKIND’, we get these three keywords – NUKE, PRID, and S.

The company is trying to create an ecosystem for the band to exist, like a metaverse for the group. The words NUKE and PRID depict human beings and artificial intelligence.

The group’s concept is created around a new form of humanity, where AI and humans coexist while entertaining the masses using human effort and technology.

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The band was renamed SUPERKIND pre-debut

At the beginning of the project, Deep Studio started the band with the name YOURS and later changed it to SUPERKIND.

On November 29th, 2021, the project introduced Sae-jin as the first virtual K-pop idol, and in January 2022, an official debut trailer was released on YouTube.

Sae-jin looked super realistic and computer-generated simultaneously, which is not so common in K-pop.

In the next few months, the agency picked the remaining four members from 14 trainees who became part of SUPERKIND. These individuals were – Daemon, Eugene, Geon, and SiO.

In April 2022, Deep Studio finally revealed the group to the world and confirmed that it would be named SUPERKIND and not YOURS and would be making its debut with the single “PlaySuperkind: Apply for a beta test”.

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