To master the art of writing, one needs to have exceptional reading and writing skills. These skills are developed over time with practice and commitment to the craft. To score those straight A’s, one must commit to the art of writing and follow a predefined path. 

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Renowned authors always stress the importance of formatting and curating the content for the readers. Right? Because at the end of the day – You are creating content for the readers to read. So proper formatting and designing are prerequisites for making the academic assignment. 

Here are eight quick tips and tricks to improve your assignment writing skills

Assignment Writing Skills

Could you keep it simple? 

Having a good vocabulary is a good asset. But, overdoing it might kill your assignment readability. Keeping it short and sweet is the key to perfection. Always try to use shorter sentences and avoid using complex wordings and compounded identifiers.

Re-check for facts

Sometimes the reliable sources of information turn out not so reliable at all. Fact-checking is crucial in the writing realm because wrong or partial information is a big no-no in academic writing. The same goes for non-fiction writing as well. You just cannot present wrong or tempered information in your projects. 

Be aware of the writing style

Unlike fictional and narrative writing, Academic writing is more complex and requires high precision and formatting. Using passive voice and the first-person perspective is considered taboo in academic writing. So. avoid these two at all costs.

Check the tone and voice

Tone and voice play a vital part in your writing endeavors. The technique is the writer’s attitude, and the voice is the writer’s style. A unique writing style that is distinguishable from two different writers. The basic fundamental of developing your writing style is writing every day.  


A lot of students ignore their papers. This is a common practice as citing requires a lot of research effort, and it is often time-consuming. But if you want to become a more sophisticated writer, you have to make the sacrifice. 


The Internet is an excellent tool for extracting information for projects. But make sure you do not copy the exact text for your school projects. Instead, try to use online paraphrasing tools like QuillBot’, a paraphrasing tool by “SmallSeoTools” for paraphrasing your text. 

Start reading

A somewhat overlooked factor in academic writing is reading. You cannot write an A+ grade paper without reading an A+ grade paper. You can start reading A+ grade papers from the people who write that assignment. This practice is well known in the technical writing and SEO writing fields. So, start reading A’s before getting A’s.


The outline is undoubtedly the most crucial factor in your academic writing journey. Dividing your text into different sections and presenting it clearly and concisely will make you stand out. Start with an introduction, divide the topics into H1 and H2 headings, and end the assignment with a conclusion. 


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