Hold on to your seats, anime fans! The world will experience a “Too Cute Crisis” like never before. Get ready for an out-of-this-world adventure that combines science fiction and comedy, all wrapped up in a sweet and adorable package.

Too Cute Crisis: A new comedy in the making!

Too Cute Crisis


Based on Mitsuru Kido’s popular manga, the anime adaptation follows the story of Liza Luna, a representative of the space empire Azatos who’s been sent to Earth with a mission to destroy it.

However, her plans take an unexpected turn when she encounters a cat at a cafe and is overwhelmed by its cuteness. As she begins to explore Earth and its many charms, Liza must find a way to balance her loyalty to Azatos with her newfound affection for her new home.

The show boasts an impressive cast of talented voice actors, including Natsumi Fujiwara as Yozora, Yumiri Hanamori as Liza Luna, Jin Ogasawara as Seiji Mukai, and Saya Aizawa as Kasumi Yanagi.

Too Cute Crisis: Release date, cast, and more

Too Cute Crisis is slated to release on April 7th, 2023. Behind the scenes, Jun Hatori, Aya Satsuki, and Mayumi Watanabe lead the charge as director, series composer, and character designer, respectively.

And with a team of experienced professionals in charge of sound, music, and visual design, “Too Cute Crisis” promises to be a feast for the eyes and ears.

Set to premiere on April 7th on Tokyo MX, “Too Cute Crisis” is sure to be the anime event of the season. Don’t miss the chance to join Liza Luna on her journey to save the planet she was supposed to destroy – and discover the power of cuteness along the way.


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