In the wake of our star instructor’s swoony confession, our leads switch places, with our male lead facing the backfire this time. 

But denial won’t work anymore since our lead couple has reached a stage where they can’t control their emotions as they please anymore. 

Luckily, our high school girl takes matters into her hands, bringing this stubborn duo together.

We open the episode with a re-run of Chi-yeol’s swoony confession, where he confesses before everyone that he is in love with Haeng-soon. 

Since the situation is more than she can handle, Haeng-soon leaves right out. But it isn’t like she can pretend nothing happened, so she calls Chi-yeol, asking to meet in a karaoke room.

Why is he so nice to her? What did he cut the rent down to half for? Is it true that he pities her? Why say he likes her, taking all the blame upon himself? 

Chi-yeol replies to all those questions with a single line, “I like you.” Chi-yeol can’t deny it anymore, but he also assures Haeng-soon that he will try to end it. 

It isn’t like he will ask her to date him when she is a married woman. Can’t anyone tell Chi-yeol the truth already? 

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Crash Course in Romance Episode 10 recap: Our star instructor faces the aftermath of his actions.

Instead of admitting to her feelings, Haeng-soon keeps herself busy with work. 

But that only works in keeping her body occupied, as her mind is already filled with thoughts about Chi-yeol, who is currently facing the aftermath of his confession. 

Crowds of angry parents swarm to the academy, demanding a refund. How can they let their children study under such a shameless teacher?

 It is ironic how those parents have no problems breaking the law for their children but pretend to be the warriors of justice regarding other people’s actions. 

As for the mothers’ squad, they are more irritating than I assumed. If they don’t have an alternative, it is okay to turn a blind eye and weigh Chi-yeol’s competence aside from his scandal.

But it is a different case if Chi-yeol’s rival agrees to join the academy, as expected from the ones who act as if they prioritize morals above everything.

Now that the mothers’ squad led by Su-ah’s mother is set on replacing Chi-yeol, the director goes along, keeping Chi-yeol away from the academy under the pretense of a two-week break and approaching the rival teacher behind Chi-yeol’s back. 

Chi-yeol has spent almost all of his time working, so unsurprisingly, he has nothing to do to enjoy his break. With Haeng-soon distancing herself from him, Chi-yeol has no one to call.

 There is no food in the fridge, and the TV programs are like watching paint dry. Luckily for him, Chi-yeol runs into his old friend, Hae-yi’s homeroom teacher. Finally, they talk it out and somewhat makeup together.

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Crash Course in Romance Episode 10 recap: A beautiful dream to bring our leads together

In typical drama land style, Chi-yeol drinks like a fish since he can’t bear his longing for Haeng-soon anymore. 

Which means we have to call someone to take Chi-yeol home. Haeng-soon may have told Jae-woo not to call Chi-yeol, but she didn’t say to pick up his calls, so Jae-woo happily took Chi-yeol Hyung’s call. 

But it isn’t Chi-yeol, but the homeroom teacher asking for help taking Chi-yeol home.

You know, intense longing and being over-drunk result in exactly one thing all the time, burning up with  lovesickness  fever. A sick Chi-yeol opens his eyes to find Haeng-soon before him. 

It isn’t clear to him if she is there for real or if he is dreaming. Still, he grabs her hand and pulls her close. Even if it is just a dream, he wants to be with her for once.

For sure, it isn’t a dream. Worried about Chi-yeol after hearing he is sick from Jae-woo, Haeng-soon hurries there to check on him. 

But she leaves early in the morning before Chi-yeol wakes up and sees her since she can’t bring herself to face him.

Having woken up from his beautiful dream, Chi-yeol goes camping. It may be to reminisce on his memories with Haeng-soon or to sort out his feelings. 

Whatever his reason is, Chi-yeol’s all-of-a-sudden camp trip affects our leads’ relationship more than he thought.

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Crash Course in Romance Episode 10 recap: Our star instructor goes off the grid

Hearing from Dong-hee that Chi-yeol is nowhere to be found, Haeng-soon zones out all day thinking about him. 

Then it crosses her mind that Chi-yeol might have gone camping like last time, so she rushes there, paying double the fare for the taxi driver.

When she spots Chi-yeol fishing, Haeng-soon emotionally breaks down. Why didn’t he notify anyone beforehand? 

Why is he making her go crazy out of worry? However, faced with Haeng-soon’s storm of questions, Chi-yeol stays calm or pretends to be. 

Why would she be worried about him? It isn’t like he will kill himself because of her. 

Following that, they head to Haeng-soon’s late mother’s restaurant, where Chi-yeol tells her about their past connection

Chi-yeol then claims maybe he confused his gratitude toward her mother for having feelings for her, promising to get over her since it isn’t right to have feelings for a married woman. 

No, that isn’t right, Chi-yeol. You are in love with her. It isn’t confusion but true love.

The smitten gaze in Chi-yeol’s eyes has turned into a sorrowful one. While Haeng-soon’s teary eyes are enough to show that she is as heartbroken. 

After Chi-yeol drops Haeng-soon off, she bursts into tears in young-joo’s arms. She is in love with Chi-yeol and doesn’t want to stay apart. But she can’t hold on to him for Hae-yi’s sake.

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Crash Course in Romance Episode 10 recap: The cat is finally out of the bag

Now that Chi-yeol’s break is over, he returns to the academy. But the situation changed drastically after the rival teacher joined the academy. 

Instead of a large room full of students, Chi-yeol now gets a far smaller one, with much fewer students attending his lessons. 

His teaching assistants have already handed in their resignation letters, and only two remain.

Realizing that he is no longer the academy star, Chi-yeol resolves to walk out on his own, handing in his resignation before getting sacked.

During one of his saddest moments, Chi-yeol yearns for a bit of comfort from Haeng-soon, but he can’t bring himself to get off and approach her.

Instead, he runs into Hae-yi and pretends to be on his way to the academy.

To make matters worse, the detestable influence from before is also on his way to the academy to film how Chi-yeol feels now that he is no longer a part of the academy staff because of his love scandal. 

But the joke is on him. Thankfully, Hae-yi makes it just in time to tell everyone that Haeng-soon is her aunt, not her mother. It isn’t a scandal, but romance.

As much as I feel worried about what will happen to Hae-yi after everyone learns the truth, I am glad she mustered up the courage and helped Haeng-soon get together with the man she loves. 

Hae-yi’s initial plan was to go after Chi-yeol and tell him the truth, but that plan deviated a bit, and she told everyone her secret on the live feed. 

Hooray, we are finally getting to the dating phase, but can next week come a little faster?

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