It will be a great year for us, otakus, as many new anime series and movies will be released in 2023, and we’re here for all the anime news reporting for 2023. 

As for the news, Tokyo revengers will also be released this January 2023. But we are not discussing it in this article.

We will be discussing Onii-chan wa Oshimai!, also called “My brother is Done For,” anime which will be one of the anime you should try this season.



Oniichan wa Oshima, also named “My brother is Done For,” is a slice-of-life genre anime adapted from its original manga written and illustrated by author Nekotoufu. The manga is a slice-of-life and comedy genre. 



The story revolves around the character Mahiro Oyama an otaku who loves Eroge. He turns into loli because of some unknown experiment by his sister.

Now his only aim is to turn back to his normal self. But his only sister wanted to keep him as he is now because he looked adorable that way.

Staff Members

Kaori Ishihara is playing Mihari Oyama. Marika Kōno is voice actor for Mahiro Oyama. Maya Uchida is Voice Actor for Melty. 

Other characters consisted of members named Hisako Kanemoto, voice actor for Kaede Hozuki; Kana Yuki playing Asahi Ōka; Minami Tsuda, the voice actor for Momiji Hozuki; and finally, Natsumi Hioka, voice actor for Miyo Murosaki.

About the Manga of Oniichan wa Oshimai Manga

Onii-chan wa Oshimai manga

Manga readers of the series had never imagined that it would get a whole anime adaptation for the series. 

Fans are excited to know about the release date for the series. It is the only series with a good gender-bender plot and cute lolis for lovers.

The manga for this series was published in June 2018 and was written by author Nekotofu.


The staff members for the anime adaptation and even a cute trailer for the anime have been released for the anime fans to watch before its release.

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