My Master Has No Tail

My Master Has No Tail Previews Its Theme Song and Releasing Date

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The upcoming television anime My Master Has No Tail (Uchi no Shishō Wa Shippo ga Nai) ‘s third promotional video has been released to soothe thousands of fans eagerly waiting for the anime to release on September 30th, 2022.

Adapted from the Kodansha-published “Taisho rakugo fantasy” manga by TNSK, this show started its journey in 2019, yet in 2022 managed to make its presence felt. Till now, tankoubon has released eight volumes. The manga debuted in Kodansha’s Good! Afternoon magazine beginning from January 2019. 

My Master Has No Tail theme song reveal

My Master Has No Tail

Hideyo Yamamoto directed this anime with his magical touch (as in Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka) along with the “Lucky Star” series composer Touko Machida, and her co-writers troupe Kei Shimobayashi, Aya Satsuki, and Yūho Togashi. Ryō Yamauchi. 

Opening with GARNiDELiA‘s theme song, “Genai Yūgi” (Fleeting Love Game), the story takes us to the reign of Emperor Taishō (1912–1926). In the fantasy land, the story focuses on a shape-shifting tanuki girl named Mameda. 

My Master Has No Tail trailer and plot

Mameda dreams of being a human. She gradually succeeded in transforming her body into a sweet, brown-eyed, and raven-haired human girl. After fulfilling her dreams, she walks towards the liveliness of Osaka. 

People recognize the truth of Mameda – her outward self is falling apart. On top of the melancholy she faced, one beautiful woman ruthlessly said to her: “Go back where you came from.” The fulfillment of her dream crushed her to reach the city of Osaka. 

Yamamoto’s much-desired comic character comes into action with the woman Bunko. Bunko, very like Mameda, happens actually to be a supernatural creature who transformed herself into a rakugo (a comic storyteller). 

Finding out the truth about Bunko, Mameda sticks on with her, asking for her guidance, requesting her to be her teacher, and teaching her how to play. The final theme song ended with Hinano’s performance in the music “Virginia.” 

The anime will premiere on Tokyo MX on September 30, MBS on October 1, BS Asahi on October 2, and AT-X on October 4.

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