Interesting Facts About the Anime Industry

Interesting Facts About the Anime Industry You Probably Didn’t Know

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There’s always something going on in the anime industry and it is without a doubt that anime usually have the best storyline, good enough to keep you hooked for a long time. 

The best part about anime is that you can stream anime online whenever you want, given that you have an internet connection that is great enough for you to stream as flawlessly as possible. 

We would recommend that you look into Spectrum Deals so that you could bag a deal for yourself that not only gives you an amazing internet connection but also has a price that is light on your pocket. Once you do that, you can delve deeper into anime and the entire industry to see how amazing it is.

However, there are some facts that you need to know about the anime industry to find out how amazing it is. Lucky for you, we have an entire list prepared that tells you all the interesting facts you need to know about the anime industry:

Facts about the anime industry

The industry makes an insane amount of money

Facts about the anime industry in money

In 2021, the anime industry in Japan made around 1.31 trillion yen in sales that they made overseas and for the sales that they made within Japan, they earned around 663 billion yen. 

This is important to know so that you would have an idea as to how much money the industry makes and how it would be great if you could somehow land a job in the industry. 

The statistics also show how much Japan has grown in the anime industry and how it could also be seen as the pioneer of animation

The industry has grown ever since the mid-2010s as people have been more drawn towards anime due to the intriguing storylines and the brilliant animation style. 

It can easily be said that the animation industry in Japan makes a lot of effort to make sure that everything is perfect. 

5 out of 10 highest-grossing movies in Japan

highest-grossing movies in Japan

Would you imagine that 5 out of 10 highest-grossing movies in Japan are animated movies? The top 2 highest-grossing anime movies are Spirited Away and Kimetsu No Yaiba. Kimetsu No Yaiba made around 350 million USD which is 40.32 billion yen at the Japanese Box Office.

The second highest-grossing movie, Spirited Away, made 275,041,008 USD which is 31.68 billion yen. 

However, one thing that needs to be noted is that animators are not paid as much as they should be, which is why episodes of anime are sold for pennies (not literally). 

For instance, Osamu Tezuka who is among the best in the industry sold his series for $2,000 to $3,000 per episode, which is really less. 

Dragon Ball Z isn’t only good for the action

Dragon Ball Z action

Everyone must be well aware of Dragon Ball Z which even today is a huge sensation all over the world. 

The story revolves around Goku and his different story arcs where he does something different every time. He also unlocks his potential every time and pushes himself to the limit to see where his powers could go. 

However, you would be surprised to know that Dragon Ball Z has made the most money in royalties over the past couple of years, all thanks to its brilliant music. 

Dragon Ball Z was included in the top 3 from 2015 to 2017 and in 2017 it topped the chart for making the most royalties for its music. 

However, some other animes that have made great money through royalties for their music include Attack on Titan, Pokemon, One Piece, Naruto, Inazuma Eleven, and Fairy Tail. 

The first animated movie that was nominated for an Oscar

anime movies in oscar

Everyone who knows about movies would know what a great deal it is to get an Oscar award. It even means a huge deal if you are just nominated for an Oscar. 

This is what happened in the case of Spirited Away, the movie was so good that it was nominated for an Oscar. The movie was made by Studio Ghibli, which is known to make movies that have always performed well at the box office. 

The movie came out in 2001 and it was a huge success, it was the first anime ever to have won the Academy Award for the Best Animated Film in 2003. However, the director of the movie, Hayao Miyazaki did not show up to receive his award because he was protesting at the time. 

This is an indicator of how brilliant anime films are, especially if they are made by Studio Ghibli which has made some of the best-animated movies yet. 

Wrapping up

These are some of the facts that every anime fan should know about since they give you an idea about how well the anime industry is doing not just in Japan but all over the world too!



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