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Studio Ghibli Theme Park Will Be Open To Public From November 1st, 2022

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Studio Ghibli Theme Park is probably one of the biggest tourist attractions for not only anime lovers but for everyone. The endeavor to open the park for everyone was not an easy task. In fact, the makers behind the park have been working on it for the longest time and were initially rumoured to be open in 2020 itself. However, the plan didn’t go as smooth as everyone anticipated. 

Recently, the legendary animation studio “Studio Ghibli” announced an official date for the release and this news is coming right from the official Twitter account of Studio Ghibli. The park is located near Nagoya in Central Japan, and it is prepped to the open to the public on November 1st, 2022. Moreover, if you’re interested in learning more about Studio Ghibli Theme Park, read the following text below. 

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A Studio Ghibli Theme Park like no other

Studio Ghibli Park release date
Image courtesy- Twitter

We all are familiar with how Studio Ghibli paved the way for Japanese animation to break into the international markets, and so does its fandoms. As a traveller myself, I’ve seen more anime-themed cafes, shops, bookstores and parks than I can count on my fingers. To provide more context to the fans in Japan, Studio Ghibli has been planning to open the park for the longest time and gave its fair share of updates via Twitter.

For example, for several news broadcasters, the company has given information about their plans for the park. To build the Studio Ghibli park, the company has acquired a sprawling 500 acres of land, stretched out to Aichi Earth Memorial Park, which was commemorative used for the 2005 world’s fair where the studio helped build the recreation of Satsuki and Mei’s house from the film “My Neighbor Totoro”.

Studio Ghibli Theme Park will surely be a fantastic addition to the Studio Ghibli museum, located in Mataka in west Tokyo prefecture. These two attractions will coexist with each other while operating as single entities.

What will the Studio Ghibli Theme Park look like?

Studio Ghibli Theme Park locations
Image courtesy- Studio Ghibli

The museum is set to focus on the original animation and the hard work that goes into making the animation films we all grew up with. Studio Ghibli is known for its hand-drawn animation style, which is still followed by animators at Studio Ghibli in 2022 as well. The park will be an attraction to fully immerse the tourists with the nostalgia of the Studio Ghibli universe. 

Whether it is Kiki’s Delivery Service, Spirited Away, or Whisper Of The Heart, fans can get firsthand experience of the stories behind the making of such legendary films. Since the announcement was made, several media outlets have shared the news with their audiences. Japan Time has also reported the same, giving more context to the ongoing projects and what fans can expect from the park.

Japan Time stated that the upcoming Studio Ghibli Theme Park would be dotted with the European brick towers. These towers frequently appear in Miyazaki’s works”. The company also claimed for the installation of the giant spiders and boar-shaped spirits in imaginary landscapes that evoke Japan’s mythical and idyllic past.

As for the park sections, Studio Ghibli Theme Park will be divided into five different realms. The first three sections will be the only sections opened to the public. The rest two will be restricted to construction until 2023. The three main sections will be opened to the public starting from November 1st, 2022. 

The three main attractions of Studio Ghibli Theme Park in Japan

Studio Ghibli Theme Park near me
Image courtesy- Twitter

The first section will be the “Youth Hill”, an area with 19th century themed buildings inspired by buildings featured in Studio Ghibli’s 1995 film “Whisper of the Heart”. The buildings will be studded with accents inspired by the steampunk genre, inspired by the 2004 movie Howl’s Moving Castle.

The second section would be the “Dondoko Forest”, a replica of Satsuki and Mei’s home from My Neighbor Totoro. The entire area will be converted into rural landscapes, where guests can enjoy walking tours to enjoy the classic scenery.

The third section, which is the most interesting one, will be a large in-door heavily inspired by the Academy award-winning movie “Spirited Away”, which has become the classic staple of Studio Ghibli’s art style. The section will also include references to other Ghibli movies, such as Castle in the Sky. 

How to book tickets for Studio Ghibli Theme Park?

According to, the company will go on sale in August 2022. You can check out Ghibli Park’s website to see the tickets and possibly book them in August. But before you go out to the park, you must understand that the tickets are up for sale for individual sections of the park and not the whole place. It means that you have to buy separate tickets for each section. Below is a quick walkthrough of the ticket price for each area of the upcoming Studio Ghibli Theme Park. 

Ghibli Warehouse ticket prices

  • Weekdays: ¥2,000 (children ¥1,000) 
  • Weekends and holidays: ¥2,500 (children ¥1,250)

Youth Hill ticket prices

  • Every day: ¥1,000 (children ¥500)

Dondoko Forest ticket prices

  • Every day: ¥1,000 (children ¥500)

That’s all the information we have right now. We will update this post after further developments with the park, and you can bookmark this page to see if any more information is added. While you’re at it, check out our anime section, it has a lot of content and articles that you can read. 

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