Tokyo Revengers ending explained

Tokyo Revengers Ending Explained

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The Tokyo Revengers manga is in its final stages. It has officially entered its Final Arc with the release of chapter 207 on the 26 of March 2021. The final arc currently holds 13 chapters, with chapter 220 released on the 1st of September 2021.

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Considering the number of chapters every arc received, the final arc may end by the year 2022 or extended if the mangaka, Ken Wakui, decides so. Ken Wakui states that he wishes to put an end to the manga as early as possible. Now, talking about our protagonist Takemichi and his mission in this arc.

Tokyo Revengers Ending Spoiler Alert: You might want to stop here

As of now, in the anime, Keisuke Baji dies by his own hands after being stabbed; he has bid farewell to his fellow members. It debuted in chapter 22 of the manga and episode 5 of the anime. Is the First Division

Captain and one of the Founding Members of the Tokyo Manji Gang or Toman.

While in the manga, the Tenjiku Arc (chapters 189- 206), with the death of Tetta Kisaki and Mikey disbanding the Tokyo Manji Gang, Hanagaki Takemichi successfully saves Hinata and confirms his fellow Toman members’ safety and prosperous future.

The Bonten Arc, although it is later known that Mikey alone has strayed away from the path and is the leader of an evil organization called Bonten.

The issue is that Hina’s sibling Naoto no longer needs to attempt to change the past due to his contentment with the current course of events. Left with no decision, Takemichi stands up to Mikey in the present.

In Tokyo Revengers Chapter 204, the work goes poorly since Mikey attempts to kill Takemichi, and Mike endeavors self-destruction (well, suicide) by leaping to his demise. At the point when Takemichi forestalls

the selfish suicide, the two men wind up clasping hands… and that touch sends Takemichi back to 2008, which is 10 years in the past!

Along these lines, Tokyo Revengers’ last arc will base on forestalling Mikey’s death later on. This time Takemichi has to save Mikey!

I can continue with what happens later in the manga, but it will only spoil the fun for you. So, go ahead and read the manga. I am sure you’ll be thrilled.

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