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Introducing Bocchi the Rock’s Spinoff Manga: Unveiling the Eccentric World of Kikuri Hiroi!

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Prepare to rock your world with the latest addition to the Bocchi the Rock! universe! Hitting the virtual shelves of Houbunsha’s Comic Fuz website is the highly anticipated Bocchi the Rock!’s Spinoff Manga AKA Bocchi the Rock! Gaiden: Hiroi Kikuri no Fukazake Nikki (Bocchi the Rock! Spinoff: Kikuri Hiroi’s Heavy Drinking Diary).

Penned and crafted by the talented Kumichō, this exhilarating Bocchi the Rock’s spinoff manga delves into the extraordinary life of Kikuri Hiroi, the remarkable 25-year-old bassist of SICK HACK. And yes, dear readers, her love for alcohol is just the tip of the iceberg!

Bocchi the Rock’s spinoff manga chapter 1 is here!

Chapter 1 of Bocchi the Rock’s spinoff manga is scheduled to grace the website biweekly on Sundays, fans can revel in the world of Kikuri Hiroi as she navigates her daily adventures. The mesmerizing art and storytelling promise to keep readers on the edge of their seats, eagerly flipping each page for more.

Kikuri Hiroi, known for her unmatched skills as a “genius bassist,” may seem like your typical musician on the surface. However, her rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle is far from ordinary.

Battling her own insecurities about the future, Kikuri finds solace and courage within the comforting embrace of her beloved alcoholic beverages. This intriguing coping mechanism becomes a source of inspiration as she faces the highs and lows of life with an unwavering spirit.

Everything you need to know about the Bocchi the Rock’s spinoff manga

Bocchi the Rock's spinoff manga chapter 1

Created by the brilliant mind of Aki Hamaji, Bocchi the Rock! initially graced the pages of Houbunsha’s Manga Time Kirara Max magazine back in December 2017.

The manga has enjoyed tremendous success and continues to captivate readers with its ongoing storyline. Exciting news awaits fans, as Yen Press has secured the license to publish the manga, set to make its debut in the upcoming fall season.

But wait, there’s more! Bocchi the Rock! has also made its mark in the world of animation. The television anime adaptation premiered to great acclaim in October 2022. Thanks to the fantastic folks at Crunchyroll, fans worldwide were able to stream the anime as it unfolded in Japan. And that’s not all—get ready to mark your calendars, as a compilation film based on the anime is set to hit theatres in the spring of 2024.

The Bocchi the Rock! the phenomenon doesn’t stop there! The Bocchi the Rock’s spinoff manga/stage drama is almost here and is ready to take on a journey of music, cuteness and of course, alcohol. The stage play is scheduled to release on the Tokyo stage from August 11-20.

Plot of Bocchi the Rock’s spinoff manga AKA Kikuri Hiroi’s Deep Sake Diary Bocchi the Rock!

The Bocchi the Rock’s spinoff manga AKA Kikuri Hiroi’s Deep Sake Diary Bocchi the Rock! walks you through the shoes of Kikuri Hiroi and embarks on a whirlwind journey through her Deep Sake Diary.

Witness her struggle with the demands of being a talented musician, her wild encounters with alcohol-induced misadventures, and her unwavering determination to find her place in an uncertain world.

Living in a humble apartment devoid of luxuries, she relies on the kindness of friends and acquaintances for simple amenities like a warm shower.

While anxiety about the future may knock on her door, Kikuri’s resilience shines through as she spirals into a state of happiness, driven by her trusty companion—alcohol.

Source for Bocchi the Rock’s spinoff manga: Twitter account and website



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