The Ranking of Kings official team revealed an additional special episode for the series, to be released in April 2023. Fans are undoubtedly anticipating the same, even though the show’s second season has yet to be revealed. 

At least this plot aspect will be shown in this special episode, for which a trailer has also been made available. This special episode won’t be the first season’s continuation because it will pick up from a different storyline.

It is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated anime series, and past staff members will also return for this special episode.


The older son or prince of the kingdom, Boji, is disabled, deaf, and unable to speak. His only ambition was to become king, but his younger brother was chosen to succeed him due to bullying and his weak body. This led Boji to embark on a journey to become strong and powerful enough to become a king.


TVアニメ「王様ランキング 勇気の宝箱」ティザーPVTVアニメ「王様ランキング 勇気の宝箱」ティザーPV

This special episode will adhere to the series’ original manga, and announcements for it were made on the official Twitter account along with the publication of a preview video.

The series’ most recent developments have sparked fans’ excitement, and everyone is anticipating the announcement of the show’s second season.

Source: Ranking of King’s official Twitter account

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