What Is Roblox Blox.Pink And Why It Is Trending?

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In the gaming world, Roblox has made a mark with its boxed symmetry gameplay. Unlike, Minecraft, Roblox has a separate fan base, and a lot of players like the ease of playing Roblox on their Macs, Windows PCs, and smartphones. It is one of the most popular games with record-breaking downloads. However, recently players are experiencing a bit of discomfort in the gameplay. Seriously, nobody likes to get tricked into clicking on some random shady website, and this is what has been happening with Roblox. Let’s see what Roblox blox. Pink is, and how does it affect the gamers.

A new update about Roblox

For those who didn’t know what has been happening in the business world, Roblox Corp.(the company behind Roblox) has raised a market cap to $38 billion USD. As of right now, the company went public and its stocks are trading at an astonishing 40% more in comparison to the PFR. In regards to this, the company introduced a lot of new features and Roblox blox. Pink is just part of that. Let’s see what Roblox blox. Pink is and how why it is trending.

What is Roblox Blox.Pink?

After the company went public last week, it introduced a new chat feature in the game along with a display name change. After the new update, players started experiencing a new message while playing the game on some particular servers. Users were asked to visit a website, and if they click on the link, the browser redirects them to the website. I tried searching for the website but it didn’t appear on search engines. So it is safe to guess the website appears for particular users, and it not indexed in the search domains. After scrolling on the website, players can find free rewards and upgrades. However, the information provided by the website still needs proper verification about the owner and its affiliation to Roblox.

After using the website, many Roblox users are confused if the website is safe or not. As it didn’t mention any contact details or anything that could come in handy when investigating, the website has been on the internet since 2018, and it is safe to say it recently started acting and giving free rewards to players.

Some users also shared insight about how they got Roblox for free. Apparently, the website works like a surrey, and when answering all the questions, users get to download the game for free. It might be a marketing gimmick from Roblox or it might be a scam in actuality. Either way, there are thousands of websites that offer Roblox in-game purchases for free, and most of these websites are nothing but spammy websites that infiltrates your network and system file.

How does it work?

After you complete the withdrawal process, you get your game and that’s it. However, the motive behind this website is not clear and there are no social media accounts associated with this website. It is advised to not use the website right now, and wait for the office staff to give more clarity about the whole thing. Moreover, this is not the first time a game had this controversy. So it’s better to wait for an official explanation from Roblox Corp.

Final thoughts

To sum up, everything I said earlier, do not try to take advantage of the situation because it’s better to not get the game instead of getting your information compromised on an international level. Stay safe and happy playing!



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