Hey guys it’s your boy virginoil69, and welcome to the 12th episode of my weekly anime recommendation series. My blog has been down for some time now but after tweaking it a bit, it’s all working fine. Today we have “Dragon Maid”, a series about a bunch of dragons living in the world of mortals. Tohru(dragon) got dragged into the world of humans because a HERO stabbed her with a sword. As she is running out of breath and dying on the forest ground, Miss Kobayashi enters into the scene drunk AF. After talking with the dragon, Miss Kobayashi helps tohru remove the sword, and in return, the ferocious dragon gets an appointment as a housemaid to Miss Kobayashi.

So that’s the plot. What follows next is the epitome of comedy with multiple dragons joining in on the fun and in the middle of all this, Miss Kobayashi finds herself in a new and exciting world of cute/friendly/annoying/oppai dragons.

That’s all for today. I’ll see you guys very soon(NEXT WEEK). You can check out my blog otakusmart for anime/K-Pop stuff. With that, imma take my leave because I have to complete True Beauty(K-Drama) tonight.

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