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Top 10 Pakistani dramas you much watch to experience morality and romance

Top 10 Pakistani dramas

Every drama has specific groups of people from certain families aiming to present their points of view. Similarly, in these top 10 Pakistani dramas, there is a touch of Pakistani culture. Romance, morality, and humanity can also be seen in those characters in the drama. 

So if you want to experience how the world works, then it’s your time to go for your wish by shortlisting the show you want from the following list. 

Top 10 Pakistani dramas of all time (2022 list)

Mere Humsafar

Mere Humsafar - Teaser- 1 - Coming Soon - ARY Digital DramaMere Humsafar – Teaser- 1 – Coming Soon – ARY Digital Drama

Directed by Qasim Ali Mureed, this Urdu language series has 40 episodes. 

The series is about a girl named Hala treated inhumanely in her father’s house. Her father also leaves her. 

Therefore her life is in the dark until she meets her cousin, who gives her all the respect she didn’t get. 

This popular series also shows a sweet love relationship between Aamir and Saeed. Starring Farhan Saeed and Hania Aamir in leads, it also highlights Saba Hameed, Waseem Abbas, Samina Ahmad, Zoya Nasir, Hira Umer,, and Tara Mahmood in supporting roles. 

Check what would happen next in this show following the Cinderella-like story. 

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Parizaad - پری زاد  | Starting from Tuesday, July 20th only on HUM TVParizaad – پری زاد | Starting from Tuesday, July 20th only on HUM TV

Based on a novel by Hashim Nadeem Parizaad, the Fairy’s child is directed by Shahzad Kashmiri. 

This is an Urdu language film with 29 episodes that ran from 20 July 2021 –1 February 2022. 

The dark-skinned Parizaad is the one around which the story revolves. He has issues with his self-confidence and self-esteem. 

Despite all the shame, he does not stop; instead works too hard and struggles with himself and others. 

What will he do? Will he be able to continue to make out what he wants to?


• Celebrating 16 years of HUM TV • | Diyar e Dil | #16YearsofHUMTV• Celebrating 16 years of HUM TV • | Diyar e Dil | #16YearsofHUMTV

Diyar-e-Dil, or The Valley of the Heart, originally aired on Hum TV and continued from 17 March 2015 to 27 October 2015. 

It is a family-romance drama written by Farhat Ishtiaq. It has 33 episodes whose opening theme is “Yar-e-Man” by Zebunnisa Bangash, and the ending theme is “Goyanke Ishq” by Momin Durani. 

The plot of the series is based on Ishtiaq’s novella. The problem in the family arises due to a refusal to the already arranged marriage of Agha Jan’s son Behroze Bakhtiyar Khan. For which his family disowned him. 

After some time, all the person’s wrongs in the family get okay. However, things don’t remain the same at some point. Does this then affect the future of Behroze, or will he stay in the same situation?

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Bin Roye

BIN ROYE Official Theatrical Trailer | Mahira Khan, Humayun SaeedBIN ROYE Official Theatrical Trailer | Mahira Khan, Humayun Saeed

The series is a Pakistani romantic-drama tv series. 

The show premiered on Hum TV on 2 October 2016 and continued until 22 January 2017. 

Directed by Haissam Hussain, Shahzad Kashmiri, and Momina Duraid, this series stars Humayun Saeed, Mahira Khan, Armeena Khan, and Jawed Sheikh. 

The series is based on Bin Roye Ansoo by Farhat Ishtiaq. 

Bin Roye, which in English means without crying, revolves around the characters Saba and Irtaza and their cute and sweet relationship.

 Irtaza is happy to fulfill the childish desire for Saba too. In the middle of this, Irtaza has to go to America for further studies. 

This is where the dramatic plot makes us think about the next. Is Saba will get the same love as his childhood love Irtaza? 

Aunn Zara

Aunn Zara OST | AplusAunn Zara OST | Aplus

A-Plus Entertainment Pakistani series Aunn Zara is based on Faiza Iftikhar’s novel, Hisar-e-Mohabbat (Fort of Love).

Have you ever thought about what happened to the men in patriarchal society or women who want to have a family instead of work to satisfy their money needs?

Yes, this show talks about that only. The story is about Aunn and Zara’s relationship and complexity, which they will overcome at some point. 

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Pyarey Afzal

Pyare Afzal Drama Short Tailer (Promo) (Mashup)Pyare Afzal Drama Short Tailer (Promo) (Mashup)

Nadeem Baig directed the series Pyarey Afzal, Pyaare Afzal, or Dear Afzal was aired on ARY Digital from 26 November 2013 to 12 August 2014.

The series tells the story of Afzal Subhan, the boy who doesn’t bother to listen to his parents and later falls in love with a girl for whom his whole life changes. 

However, going through a different situation, Afzal Subhan becomes the bad guy. 

Watch the series to check what is there next for you. 

Suno Chanda

Suno Chanda | First Promo | Ramadan Special Play | HUM TV DramaSuno Chanda | First Promo | Ramadan Special Play | HUM TV Drama

The 2018 Pakistani Ramadan special romantic comedy series Suno Chanda or Listen Moonlight was developed by Shahzad Javed, Head of Content, HUM TV, and directed by Ahson Talish. 

The series aims to show the Pakistani wedding and the life of a woman and man who are in the phase of Nikaah of their life. 

Highlighting the traditions of Pakistan, this show helps us get close to the country’s culture. 

Zindagi Gulzar Hai

Celebrating 16 Years of HUM TV | Zindagi Gulzar Hai | HUM TV | #16YearsofHUMTVCelebrating 16 Years of HUM TV | Zindagi Gulzar Hai | HUM TV | #16YearsofHUMTV

Sultana Siddiqui directs the 26 episodes series. The story is based on Zindagi Gulzar Hai by Umera Ahmad.

The story continued from 30 November 2012 to 24 May 2013. 

The story, with ups and downs, shows the life of a lower-class family, the strong character of a woman, and the strong bond of a couple. The story seems to provide several spices for the audience. 

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Khuda Aur Muhabbat

Khuda Aur Mohabbat | Teaser 2 |  HAR PAL GEOKhuda Aur Mohabbat | Teaser 2 | HAR PAL GEO

This romance drama is based on the novel of Hashim Nadeem and is more spiritual. The story was aired on Geo Entertainment in 2011.

It has three seasons and more than 70 episodes, which revolves around the story of Hammad and Imaan. 

It is not just the story of love and love that helps to strengthen humanity among people but also about the spirituality that a character gains throughout his life, after which his perspective changes. 

Undergo a philosophical journey with the help of this show. 

Meray Paas Tum 

Meray Paas Tum Ho OST | Humayun Saeed | Ayeza Khan | ARY DigitalMeray Paas Tum Ho OST | Humayun Saeed | Ayeza Khan | ARY Digital

This is a more recent series of romance dramas aired on ARY Digital from 17 August 2019 to 25 January 2020. 

Though this show centers on a single family, by making the family an example, the exhibition highlights Pakistani culture and tradition as well as its morality of it. 

The series also points out how complex everyone’s morality is and more difficult to keep on with it. 

Therefore with twists and turns, the show successfully depicts the perspective of a country from the lens of a family head of a single family. 

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