Crash Course in Romance Episode 8

Recap on Crash Course in Romance Episode 8

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Having realized the past connection connecting him to our heroine, our star instructor showers our heroine with his “kindness.”

Thanks to her best friend’s theories, our leading lady takes it as him having feelings for her. But things take a jealous turn, and we end this week’s episodes on the most thrilling cliffhanger ever.

Picking up where we left off, Chi-yeol and Haeng-soon head out to her late mother’s restaurant to have dinner, where Chi-yeol realizes their past connection.

The restaurant is still the same, which makes Chi-yeol look back on his memories there, how Haeng-soon’s mother always gave him meal tickets and food on the house under the pretext she had lots of leftovers, or the food got burnt when it wasn’t. She was practically his savior during his exam preparation phase.

Chi-yeol also finds out that Haeng-soon’s mother died the exact day he last visited the restaurant after sending his father off. He now understands why he can only stomach Haeng-soon’s food since she takes after her mother.

But Chi-yeol, this might be the case with the food, but not for your feelings. You are clearly in love with her for herself, not because she takes after her mother.

Crash Course in Romance episode 8: Our hero paying back his savior’s kindness

Whenever Chi-yeol goes through something terrible, he reminds himself of Haeng-soon’s mother’s words and stays strong. Hence, he keeps thinking of ways to repay his savior’s family for everything she did.

Be it #1 buying the entire building, thus reducing the rent to half, #2 installing an AC, #3 insisting they celebrate that joyful event since one should throw a party whenever something good happens and not at all because he made a reservation at a big restaurant.

Seeing how fancy the restaurant is, Haeng-soon gets scared Chi-yeol will rope her into paying for the food.

But don’t worry, Haeng-soon; it is on Chi-yeol. I also liked how Chi-yeol told the staff to bring all the dishes except for the dessert in one go when he noticed Haeng-soon was uncomfortable with the plates served one at a time. 

Everything looks fine. Still, Haeng-soon can’t wrap her head around cutting the rent in half and the air conditioner. As luck would have it, she runs into Dong-hee and learns the truth about Chi-yeol being the new landlord.

You know, it is only for investment and not anything else, but Haeng-soon doesn’t buy it and suspects he is pitying them.

Crash Course in Romance episode 8: Our heroine gets jealous of our star instructor’s future partner

Here comes Young-joo’s brilliant theory. If Chi-yeol wants to invest in the area, he will buy a building on the main street, not that one. It must be because he has feelings for Haeng-soon.

Can’t she see the lovey-dovey gaze in his eyes whenever he looks at her? This romantic take on Chi-yeol’s intentions is interrupted by a group order from Chi-yeol’s employees.

Haeng-soon and Young-Joo go to deliver the order, but on their heels is the pianist with whom Chi-yeol went on a blind date. She doesn’t come empty-handed, though.

She brought some egg tarts for the staff to eat, and here goes all the food Haeng-soon prepared to waste.

The employees also keep commenting on how stunning the woman is. Not only is she a successful pianist but also, she comes from a wealthy family.

The pianist got sick of Chi-yeol ignoring her texts, so she came for herself to hand over the invitation to her recital. She makes her stance clear. She won’t give up easily.

After all, she is one of Chi-yeol’s biggest fans. On her way out, the pianist tells Chi-yeol that she will cry if he doesn’t come. Unsurprisingly, Haeng-soon hears that loud and clear.

As a result, our heroine is now fuming with jealousy, and she takes it out on poor Young Joo.

Crash Course in Romance episode 8: Chicken Day versus Recital

Having lived in a house full of women throughout his life, it makes sense that Jae-woo is now fond of Chi-yeol Hyung to the point of inviting him over for the next chicken day.

Jae-woo will watch his favorite tigers documentary and wants Chi-yeol to join them.

Before Chi-yeol can utter a word other than  that he isn’t fond of documentaries, a jealous Haeng-soon cuts him off. Chi-yeol is busy since he has a recital to attend.

They shouldn’t interfere with his love life. He may take a rain check on the tutoring session and clap a lot after the recital. Little does she know that Chi-yeol isn’t the least bit interested in the pianist.

I wished that he had skipped out on the recital and joined the chicken day. But after some nagging from Dong-hee, Chi-yeol goes to the recital with flowers.

Still, he receives a call from Hae-Yi during the intermission. She can’t access the maths problems on the application he recommended (he gifts her with a new tablet for coming on top of her class). Coincidentally, Haeng-soon gets a slight burn and screams while Hae-Yi is on the phone.

Luckily, mobile phones aren’t allowed in the theatres, which leaves Chi-yeol with no choice but to leave in the middle and go to check on Haeng-soon.

When Chi-yeol arrives, he spots Haeng-soon struggling to close the shop with only one hand. She is grumpy, asking why he left the recital and came to her.

Did he only come to help Hae-Yi access the application? But you know how strictly Chi-yeol prioritizes the plans he made in advance over the ones that happen out of the blue.

Crash Course in Romance episode 8: Our leads get caught red-handed

To Jae-woo’s and, by extension, our excitement, Chi-yeol joins the chicken day this time and watches the documentary with them.

He also learns how Haeng-soon lost to the tigers by two hours as she took a nap for only fourteen hours. I am cracking up.

Haeng-soon takes out the trash, and Chi-yeol follows to help her. She is still grumpy, but the danger is approaching their way.

No thanks to Su-ah and her mother, the tiger mothers’ squad is in front of the store, and our leads are caught in the act.

Regardless of how they explain it next week, the ones in the wrong aren’t our leads but the people who spend their time tailing others. They even take things so far as to hire a detective agency to follow people around.

Su-ah, if you put half of your obsession with bringing Hae-Yi down into your studies, you would come to the top of the nation. Just be yourself and do your best, girl.

We are bound to meet more successful people throughout our lives. But that doesn’t give us the right to harm them.


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