As a former anime nerd, I have seen pretty much everything the anime world has to offer. boys who look like girls,  girls who look like boys, Traps, cute anime girls transforming into cars and airplanes and I have seen girls transforming into big birds. with that aside this is A whisker away review. Enjoy!

This is a whisker away trailer review and analysis.

A whisker away trailer

A Whisker Away | Official Trailer | NetflixA Whisker Away | Official Trailer | Netflix

On 29 May 2020, Netflix released the trailer for the movie A whisker away. A Japanese animation movie directed by the former director of sailor moon Junichi Satoh and writer of Anohana Mari Okada. You can watch the trailer here.

The characters of a whisker away

We can see there are two main characters in the trailer. We are not sure what other characters we will see in the future trailers but there are 3 main characters in the movie in the story.

What is the release date of A whisker away?

According to the trailer, A whisker away will premier on 18th June 2020. There are no official reports on the movie but as a part of Netflix’s official series A whisker away will premiere on Netflix only. There will no screening of the movie in the cinema halls.

Story and plot of whisker away

Written by Mari Okada. A whisker away is a tale of love, caring, and sacrifices. It is the story of a girl name Muge who turns into a cat named taro to meet the love her of life. A whisker away is a slice-of-life anime that offers a similar environment to Kimi no Nawa and Weathering with you.

Quick facts about Netflix’s A whisker away anime

Studio Colorido will be producing A whisker away anime movie.

A whisker away will premiere on Netflix only.

The movie will be both be subbed and dubbed for international viewers.

It will release on 18th June 2020.

Yorushika will be producing the theme song for a whisker away.

So that sums up our review for the trailer of a whisker away. For more information about the latest and trendiest anime news follow otakusmart.


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