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WJSN’s Luda Prepares For Her New Drama ‘My X Twenty’

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Lee Lu-da, popularly known as Luda, is the South Korean singer and member of the South Korean-Chinese girl group WJSN.

The K-pop group, which is working under Starship and Yuehua Entertainment, debuted with the 2016 album “Would You Like?” and included single hits like “Mo Mo Mo” and “Catch Me.” 

Also known as Cosmic Girls, WJSN has also created songs and OSTs for TV series, including the 2018 “unreal variety show” ‘Dunia: Into a New World.

The 25-year-old singer and actor have allowed appeared in the 2018 drama Inna beauty and the TV show Visiting Tutor’ (2018). According to sources, Luda will return to the drama world with a new series called ‘My X Twenty.

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Luda’s agency announces her new drama  ‘My X Twenty’

On September 19, Luda’s agency, King Kong, announced that “Luda will appear in the web musical drama ‘My X Twenty’ (directed by Hong Choong-ki, produced by BPM). In the drama, Luda will play the role of ‘Bae Nuri.’

While announcing the news about the drama, Luda’s agency asked people and her fans to support the young actress. 

According to the sources, Big Picture Mart will produce the web drama and follow the story of ‘Bae Nuri,’ a cursed individual who goes on to keep their life as a 20-year-old.

Bae Nuri (Luda) will become a star writer by gaining popularity with her romance novel, where the male protagonist and Bae will collide. The plot will follow as the protagonists try their best to find a way to change their cursed fates. 

Apart from Luda’s appearance, this show also presents and features a star-studded idol cast that includes VICTON’s Subin, Cherry Bullet’s Yuju, and SF9’s Dawson. The web drama ‘My X Twenty’ has said to be released in December. 

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