After the massive success of South Korean dramas, fans have started excitedly embracing the new genre in the K-Industry. 

Teen Fiction is the new craze. Finally, Fans wanted a break from the Rom-coms and try something new because why not?

If you are interested in watching Teen fiction, thriller, and mystery Hi Cookie is made for you. Here are some reasons why you should stream it.

4 reasons to watch Hi Cookie today

Hi Cookie Korean Drama new

Source: High Cookie

1. Unique Plot

Whether it’s a book a movie or even a drama fate always depends on how captivating the plot is. 

Hi Cookie too came up with a unique plot that gives us a mix of superpowers to the mystery.

Hi Cookie speaks about the lives of poverty-stricken two sisters whose lives turn upside down when one of them starts discovering a mysterious cookie (PS: For many of the fans it sounds silly but try it on you will never leave it)

2. The exceptional cast

From acting as a child artist to the female Nam Ji Hyun she never failed to impress fans. 

After the success of a suspicious partner, Nam Ji-hyun took a small hiatus from female leads but now it’s time to stream her as the leading lady. 

Undoubtedly, Nam Ji Hyun is killing it with her performances. Her Co-stars are also one of the huge asset for the drama

3. The “Genre”

The whole month of October is skidded with Rom-Cons like A Good Day to be a Dog, Doona, Castaway Diva, and Matchmakers. 

Many fans indeed love Rom-coms even I like them too but some fans are on hiatus from all those lovey-dovey Romances. Hi Cookie is for you

4. Fast pace 

Unlike many kdrams, Hi Cookie is very swift right from the first episode we directly dive into the whole cookie story and just as you watch the second episode with much ease you will see that one of the main cast seems to be down or affected by the cookie.

Summing up!

It’s absolutely a take for all the people like me who lack patience.  Stream it and let me know in the comments section. 

That is why you should watch Hi Cookie. For more updates on new dramas like A Good Day to be a Dog, Doona, Matchmaker, and Hi Cookie, follow OTAKUSMART.


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