The iPhone 12 is already making headlines as being the most powerful smartphone ever. But it comes with an unbearable cost. The cheapest iPhone 12 comes at the price of Rs. 79,900 for the 64GB variant and 128GB and 256GB comes at a whopping price of Rs. 84,900 and Rs. 94,900. The most hilarious part – there is no charger included in the box. You want to know why? well, According to apple, it helps them to decrease the size of packing and they can ship more iPhones.

Pricey doesn’t always mean nicey

Samsung takes the lead and mocks apple in the most hilarious post ever. On 14th October, soon after the Apple iPhone 12 release. Samsung posted some hilarious content on its Facebook page. The post reads as Your #Galaxy does give you what you are looking for. From the most basic as a charger to the best camera, battery, performance, memory, and even 120Hz screen ✌️ on a smartphone.

The eternal rivalry between Apple and Samsung

This is not the first time that Samsung had made fun of people of being outdated and overrated. In this 2018 commercial Samsung straight up takes a troll on Apple for being incompetent and how people are switching to Android devices from iPhones.

Samsung makes Fun of Apple#5(You will hate Apple after seeing this)Samsung makes Fun of Apple#5(You will hate Apple after seeing this)

Following the same path, xiaomi took some dig at apple as well. On 14th October, Xiomi posted a video trolling apple for not including a basic charger with its new iPhone 12 series smartphones.

Apple has been confronted several times for its insane prices and weird marketing tactics. But apple has been doing pretty well the iPhone 12 series. A lot of individuals are already planning to purchase iPhone 12. Apple is a force to be reckoned with and no other smartphone company can take this level of criticism and still rocks the units throughout the world.

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