K-pop group of boys Omega X is terminating their contract with the organization name Spire Entertainment. The group officially announced their statement by organizing a press conference held in the Seoul Bar Association building at Southern Seoul on 16 November, where they addressed the media and press. 

The meeting was live-streamed for their fans on the groups, which had a new Instagram account named @omega_x__for_x. On their new account, they shared their accusations against the CEO of Spire Entertainment, like how they were sexually assaulted during their work tenure.

Omega X will terminate its contract with Spire Entertainment

Apart from the termination of their contracts with Spire Entertainment, k-pop boys group Omega X is also taking legal action against the company for the “verbal, physical, and sexual abuse, which was reported by the publication. 

As per the information given by “The Korea Herald,” during the press conference, the K-pop boys group Omega X’s group leader Jaehan stated the reason the group members had to suffer so much for the alleged abuse was that they feared that this would be only a chance for them or “would lose our last chance.” Them.

The K-pop boys group Omega X debuted in 2021, along with members who had their debut performances from other organizations. He said in his statement that we are taking a crucial step for everyone who is being ill-treated just because they want to survive in the industry and fulfill their dreams.

In the press conference, they also disclosed some acts by Spire Entertainment’s CEO, called mainly by the surname “Kang.” She used to push boys the drinking after practice, and it was also reported that she used to touch their thighs and faces, persistently without even reason aiming to abuse them sexually.

She also texts them after work to verbally assault them for no reason, creating mental torture among the group. The leader, Jaehan, made all these allegations about the talent company.

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