Toji Fushiguro Megumi's Father

Is Toji Fushiguro Megumi’s Father: Who is Megumi’s Father in Jujutsu Kaisen?

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Jujutsu Kaisen has taken the anime and manga world by storm, snatching fandoms and audiences alike with its thrilling battles, intricate plot, and unforgettable characters. While Gojo takes all the credit in the series, being one of the most overpowered characters, another name besides Itadori, the protagonist, is Fushiguro Megumi.

Fushiguro or better known as Megumi is one of the most mysterious characters in the series. Despite being a jujutsu sorcerer, his past is shrouded in mystery — so much so that we don’t even who is Megumi’s Father. In one of those mysteries lies a question — is Toji Fushiguro Megumi’s father? Or who is Megumi’s real father? 

Throughout the series, fans have been left pondering the identity of Megumi’s father. In this blog, we will delve into the clues provided by the manga to shed light on the enigmatic figure behind Megumi’s lineage.

NOTE: Heavy Spoilers on the way! If you haven’t gone thorough the manga then this article will reveal some heavy spoilers, and will unravel who is Megumi’s father in Jujutsu Kaisen. 

Who is Megumi’s father in Jujutsu Kaisen

Megumi's father in Jujutsu Kaisen

Megumi Fushiguro, one of the main protagonists of Jujutsu Kaisen, is a skilled jujutsu sorcerer from the esteemed Fushiguro family. Early on in the manga, it is revealed that Megumi hails from a renowned sorcerer clan, which implies that his father must have been a prominent figure in the world of jujutsu.

While the identity of his father remains concealed for much of the series, several clues scattered throughout the manga provide insight into this elusive character.

The Fushiguro clan is respected and feared for its powerful jujutsu techniques, passed down through generations. This fact suggests that Megumi’s father must have been a skilled and influential sorcerer to uphold the family’s legacy. His mastery of jujutsu might have been instrumental in shaping Megumi’s own abilities.

Is Toji Fushiguro Megumi’s father?

Who is Megumi's Father in Jujutsu Kaisen

Early in the series, we are introduced to Toji Fushiguro, a cursed spirit hunter who initially appears unrelated to Megumi. However, it is later revealed that Toji is, in fact, Megumi’s adoptive father. While Toji was not a sorcerer himself, he wielded an impressive cursed technique and had connections to the jujutsu world.

The revelation of Toji as Megumi’s adoptive father begs the question of why he took in the young Fushiguro. It is likely that Toji had a significant relationship with Megumi’s birth father, hinting at the possibility that Megumi’s father was a key figure in Toji’s life.

Sukuna’s recognition

One of the most intriguing moments in the series is when Sukuna, the King of Curses, acknowledges Megumi’s “inherited” technique, known as the Ten Shadows Technique. This acknowledgment implies that Megumi’s jujutsu powers are linked to a powerful lineage, which could involve his father.

Theories and speculations:

As the story unfolds, fans have developed several theories and speculations regarding Megumi’s father:

The legendary sorcerer

Some fans believe that Megumi’s father was a legendary sorcerer who played a significant role in the world of jujutsu. This theory posits that his father’s reputation might have led to Megumi’s adoption of Toji, ensuring his protection from those seeking to exploit his heritage.

A member of the Zenin Clan

Given the interconnectedness of various sorcerer clans in Jujutsu Kaisen, there is speculation that Megumi’s father could be a member of the Zenin clan, a powerful and influential family in the Jujutsu world. This connection could have led to Megumi inheriting the Ten Shadows Technique.


As Jujutsu Kaisen continues to captivate readers with its rich narrative and compelling characters, the identity of Megumi’s father remains an exciting mystery. While the manga has dropped subtle hints and clues throughout the series, the true identity of this elusive character has yet to be revealed fully.

As fans eagerly await the next chapters and developments, one thing is certain: the revelation of Megumi’s father will undoubtedly be a pivotal moment in the story, offering deeper insights into the world of jujutsu and the Fushiguro clan’s legacy. Until then, we can only indulge in the thrill of speculation and eagerly anticipate the answers that lie ahead in this enthralling manga.



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